Media Facade Group® founded in 2009, we are the biggest manufacture of media facade products, focus on media architecture facade lighting & transparent screen, included product molding and production, installation and commissioning. MF group main facatory - Guangdong Media Facade Co., Ltd. which located in Dongguan City, China.  MF also the official partner of Media Architecture Instituten (MAI) and Public Art Lab (PAL). 

MF own 7,000 sqm production real easte property, equiped with all kinds of necessary machines and test tools in the facility. Such as SMT equipments, Reflow soldering, High pressure injection machine, also the Optical detection, salt spray test & UV test Lab.

The major products are Nanoflex LED Film, Media Glass,  Media Mesh, Pixel Lights, Linear Lights & Control System. All of these products are designed for application of architectural media facade & dynamic lighting projects. Besides of these own-brand models,  MF also ODM many customized products and solutions for many famous brand partners globally.

We are committed to provide a total solution for projects. From design, LED production and Installation guidance, creative effect commissioning.  We only produce our owe patten light fixtures which have been installed in more than 87 countries and regions. Our projects can be found all over world. Government Building, Stage shows, Landmarks, Staduim etc.  Abu Dhabi Yas Hotel, Singapore HSBC Headquarters,  Moscow Ostankino Tower, Telecom Malaysia and Shenzhen Civil Center are all parts of our success.

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Company History
2009 - 2011
Mr.Tac founded Media Facade Ltd.in 2009, focus on media architecture facade lighting & transparent screen products, MF production, installation and commissioning.
The initail produt it is media pixels,and media tube.Singapore UOB Bank & Malaysia Telecom Tower are the earliest projects achieved by MF.
2012 - 2014
MF become the official partner for Media Architecture Instituten (MAI) and Public Art Lab (PAL).We worked together in many seminar & workshops. Meanwhile MF also develop the new product line for media curtain, obtain the great project such as Russia Ostankino Tower and Berlin Radision.
2015- 2019
Started to R & D the next generation facade product: full transparent flex LED flim. To celebrate China open 40 years, MF supply the LED pixels product to Shenzhen City light show which included 800,000 pixels  and control system.The whole light show already running well more than 5 years till now.
2020- Current
Thanks for all MF team and partnerships, we move new 6,000sqm production area which our owned real easte property since Sept,2020.  
And supply the world landmark project - Yas Hotel Abu Dhabi in UAE, MF gave a 10 years warranty for this project which show our sincere determination to our partners.
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