What is YBB (Yuzi Bulletin Board) code?

YBBCode is HTML a variant.You may be very familiar with it. Under normal circumstances, if you use permitHTML£¬It can be usedYBBCode. Even if you can not let the discussion board you useHTML£¬You can also use theYBBCode¡£ Because require the use of the coding small, can be used even ifHTML£¬You may also want to useYBBCode, the code because of the possibility of error greatly reduced.

In your information, hyperlinks to join, as long as the following methods can be set into the(YBBCode is Scarlet Letter ).


On the sets of all cases, YBB code automaticallyURLHave links, and to ensure that when users click on a new window when the link is in the open. AttentionURLThe"http://"This part is arbitrary.
E-mail links
In your e-mail information, hyperlinks, so long as the cases can be set into the (YBB code is Scarlet Letter)


On the sets of all cases, YBB code will be automatically generated e-mail links.
Bold and italic
You can use [b] [/b] or [i] [/i] In order to achieve these signs posted in the use bold or italics results.

Hello, [b]Administrator[/b]
Hello, [i]Administrator[/i]
Mobile text
In your information added to mobile text, as long as the press were all on the sets(YBBCode is Scarlet Letter ).

[marquee]Mobile text[/marquee]
Mobile text
Use other information
Posts quoted some people, as long as shearing and copy and press kit with all the can(YBBCode The Scarlet Letter)).

Do not ask your country can do for you what......
You can ask for what your country£¿[/QUOTE]

In the example,YBBCode will automatically add the text you quoted¡£
Color text

[color=red]Color text[/color]
More"red"Can be£º

Black #000000 Black
Silver #C0C0C0 Silver
Gray #808080 Grey
Pink #FFC8CB Pink
Maroon #800000 Brown
Red #FF0000 Red
Purple #800080 Purple
Fuchsia #FF00FF Rhodopsin
Green #008000 Green
Lime #00FF00 Lime
Olive #808000 Olive
Yellow #FFFF00 Yellow
Navy #000080 Navy
Blue #0000FF Blue
Teal #008080 Teal
Aqua #00FFFF Aqua
Orange #FFA500 Orange
Brown #A52A2A Brown
Special attention

At the same time, you can not useHTMLAndYBBCode with a function. And the attentionYBBNot case-sensitive code. So you can use[URL] or [url]
YBBUse code£º
Not in the brackets and you enter the spaces between the words
In closing, do not forget to add a slash in parentheses[/email]