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Add:Home >> Products >> 40-50cm Doll >> 44cm Doll-02 >> Seng
  Product Name: Seng
Product No.: 11087
Member Price: $155.00
Weight: 980 g
  Seng includes a head and a 1/4 boy body(Wu's body),Its specific dimensions are as follows,
Height 44cm
Head size 17cm
Neck size 7cm
Shoulder width 8.5cm
Chest 17.5cm
Waist 13cm
Hip 18cm
Arm Lenght 12cm
Leg lenght 24cm
Feet length 5.5cm
Feet wide 2.2cm 
 NO.9  is it possible to buy seng with wu's body, but with pixius hands? 2012/6/23
 NO.8  Not from Resinsoul but order often. Order girl doll you want and put Seng head in comments. For Ming human order Wu or Seng with Ming head in comments 2012/6/14
 NO.7  Dear RS, is it possible to order Seng head on girls body ? 2012/4/6
 NO.6  Would it be possible to just purchase the head? If so, how much would it cost? 2012/2/11
 NO.5  Is his leg to body Ming? And how much will they cost? I have a Ming, I would like to order him more human legs. 2011/12/30
 NO.4  Question can you buy this one and buy Ming's head? Cuase I love Ming's pointed ears! But Not the legs or hooves. I Like this one Body but want pointed ears. 2011/12/27
 NO.3  Yes,The doll includes the eye, but the wig need to be ordered alone, the price of the wig is $12,Thank you.  2011/12/16
 NO.2  ^ I'm not part of this company a pair of random eyes would be included but probabbly not the wig. and man.. I wish i had room for the human version of him as well as the hooved *owns a ming* 2011/12/16
 NO.1  is the wig and eyes included? i want to order this doll as soon as possible. 2011/12/15
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