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Add:Home >> Products >> 20-30cm Doll >> 28cm Doll-01 >> Pixiu
  Product Name: Pixiu
Product No.: 11085
Member Price: $128.00
Weight: 450 g
Height 28cm
Head size 14cm
Neck size 5.5cm
Shoulder width 5.5cm
Chest 11.5cm
Waist 10.5cm
Hip 12.5cm
Arm Lenght 8cm
Leg lenght 15cm
 NO.64  Is it possible to order human legs for this doll? I have one in blue but would like human legs for him. 2016/3/19
 NO.63  What size eyes does he take? 2015/1/11
 NO.62  Love my Pixiu!!!! 2014/5/25
 NO.61  What size eyes does he have? And will the type 01 horns fit him? 2014/5/21
 NO.60  will the 04 horn part shown on Pi also fit Pixiu? 2013/4/1
 NO.59  How big of eyes does he take? Also, is there a female body the same size as him you can put the other parts on? 2013/2/26
 NO.58  When is the 44cm version of Pixiu going to come out? You said last year when Pixiu was released that you where going to make it, and I've been waiting very patiently for it! I can't wait to see it! 2013/2/1
 NO.57  Hi no. 50. 52, and 56: Pixiu can take either a size 12mm or 14mm eye. I have 12mm in mine. 2012/12/15
 NO.56  what's his eye size? 2012/11/21
 NO.55  I've finally ordered one of these after gazing at him for so long! can't wait to see him! 2012/10/18
 NO.54  I don't think Resinsoul makes any large busted girl bodies in this scale. If you order him with a female body it will probably be Bei or Xi. 2012/9/13
 NO.53  Hi no.52, Pixiu can take either a 12mm or 14mm eye. 2012/8/6
 NO.52  He's beautiful - definitely treating myself for my birthday! I have a question, though: what size eyes does he take? He'll be my first tiny, so I don't know. Thanks in advance! 2012/7/21
 NO.51  I have a pixu and broke a hand I need to order new hands how do I do this? 2012/6/28
 NO.50  What is her eye size..?^Q^ 2012/6/23
 NO.49  they don't make black resin...but that would be pretty cool 2012/6/14
 NO.48  I would love to see a female 1/3 dragon made with those type feet 2012/5/17
 NO.47  will the 04 horn part shown on Pi also fit Pixiu? 2012/5/11
 NO.46  I ordered one in blue resin & I love this little dragon-boy! :) Thank you! 2012/5/4
 NO.45  Your pixiu is fantastic I've wanted once since they premiered. How much would it be to also buy a set of the regular 1/6 human calves and feet parts in addition to a regular pixiu order? 2012/4/22
 NO.44  I was wondering if i could special order him as a girl with a large bust? 2012/4/19
 NO.43  I am wondering if the doll can be a special order? I would like a larger chest plate. I want it to be female. And I would like to know what size eyes it has? I want to find gold cat eyes for it. Any information would help. Thank you, Pam 2012/4/8
 NO.42  Is there a way I can buy just Pixiu's feet? 2012/3/24
 NO.41  Great! I am wondering if he appears on girl's body in black colour?) 2012/3/5
 NO.40  Hi! Can you make him in black resin? 2012/2/17
 NO.39  Can he be ordered with another head? 2012/1/30
 NO.38  hi! i was wondering if there was anyway to order this head on a human female body..? 2012/1/27
 NO.37  Does he come with the body blushing? 2012/1/10
 NO.36  what size eyes? 2012/1/8
 NO.35  Do the eyes come with it? 2012/1/5
 NO.34  Can this boy be special ordered in the streaky dark brown color? 2011/12/26
 NO.33  Amazing Job guys. I just love him. I just got one from Featherfall in Sky blue skin. So hoping to order another one this time in Grey skin. keep up the amazing work. You guys rules. 2011/12/7
 NO.32  Hi I was just wondering if this doll was male or female. I see you say it is male but it appears to have a female body. 2011/12/7
 NO.31  Can you get it with a mature chest piece please i want one 2011/12/4
 NO.30  OMG! He would be the perfect child for my Soom Nepheline! I love him! *____* Will there also be a female version? 2011/12/2
 NO.29  Could you please make another dragon doll like this one but in 44cm or 60cm please. Preferably male. 2011/12/2
 NO.28  您好,若是要寄送到台灣大約要多少運費呢? 另外,想請教貴社的美白肌和SOOM的美白肌差異大嗎?謝謝^ ^  2011/12/1
 NO.27  I also would like to know if I can order this doll with a girl body! :D 2011/11/28
 NO.26  Question: The Chinese New Year it is on January 23 (1012), correct ??? . I want to take the most favorable period for buoying this doll before the Spring Festival in China. Thank You. 2011/11/28
 NO.25  Do you have clothes for him? 2011/11/26
 NO.24  Do his wings look as they do in the pictures when you buy him? Are they blushed? 2011/11/26
 NO.23  gotta talk my husband into letting me get him! I have the money.... 2011/11/26
 NO.22  I saw this doll for the first time about ten minutes ago... And I will get him!!! Can you take some pictures of him from behind without tail and wings, and his head in profile? Pretty please? Thanks in advance. :3 2011/11/26
 NO.21  The body will be avalable in boy/girl? 2011/11/25
 NO.20  Will the body be available as just boy or boy or girl? 2011/11/25
 NO.19  Oh my goodness....this doll appears to have such high quality. I instantly wanted it. Best thing about it-the price is amazing for the doll. Next paycheck, its coming home ^^ 2011/11/24
 NO.18  He is gorgeous. Well done. Now I know next doll on my wish list. 2011/11/24
 NO.17  This is great! Definitely needed! 2011/11/24
 NO.16  Wow! He's amazing! I can't wait until he's released! 2011/11/24
 NO.15  OMG OMG OMG OMG !!!! - He is fantastic ! Thank you ResinSoul, you never disappoint ! 2011/11/24
 NO.14  WOW That is wonderful! Please make a MSD girl dragon like this PLEASE PLEASE 2011/11/24
 NO.13  I hope this doll head can be ordered on a human body! :) 2011/11/24
 NO.12  wow! *o* 2011/11/24
 NO.11  I will be anxious to see price and to see if I could get human feet, but wings and tail with this one. It is very cool 2011/11/24
 NO.10  Oh my god! He's so amazing! I think I'm fall in love with him.  2011/11/24
 NO.9  I want him! He's awesome! I waiting for price... 2011/11/24
 NO.8  OH! He is beautiful! Resinsoul I love it and I wait for the price.^_^ 2011/11/24
 NO.7  Oh, a little magic! 2011/11/23
 NO.6  Oh my goodness he is beautiful! I love him! Well done Resinsoul!!! ^^ 2011/11/23
 NO.5  WOW!! I love it!!! I'm waiting for the price too. 2011/11/23
 NO.4  I WANT HIM!))) Definitely!) Waiting for a price!)) Dear Resinsoul, you're great as always! He's just adorable! 2011/11/23
 NO.3  Oh, I love you, Resinsoul!!! Waiting for price ^.^ 2011/11/23
 NO.2  Oh... He's amazing. Dear Resinsoul, can you sell only fantasy parts of it and how much does it cost? 2011/11/23
 NO.1  wow, very awesome ResinSoul :-) 2011/11/23
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