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Add:Home >> Products >> 40-50cm Doll >> 42cm Doll-01 >> Ya
  Product Name: Ya
Product No.: 10072
Member Price: $140.00
Weight: 800 g
 NO.57  What does the doll come with? Do I have to buy a wig and eyes separately? 2017-3-31 0:39:02
 NO.56  is this the full doll? (head and body) 2016-3-30
 NO.55  To question no 52 - if you want her with elf ears, buy Mei - they share the same face sculpt! Met has elf ears and Ya has human ones :) 2016-3-19
 NO.54  you have another picture about this beautiful doll without makeup? 2016-2-2
 NO.53  How much is shipping to Chile? What is included with the doll? 2016-2-2
 NO.52  Hello! :) I'm interested in buying Product 10072, or Ya, and I was wondering if her face up could be a more gothic or dark color. Also, could you give her elf like ears? Just wondering! It would be great if you could let me know! 2015-6-12
 NO.51  It is possible to order a Ya, with a male body? 2015-6-4
 NO.50  Hello I am interested in purchasing this doll, I have several questions. Can I get this head on a double jointed body? and can I request a custom face up? 2015-1-1
 NO.49  hello. i wonder if its work to get ya in a dubble jointed body. its my first doll. and wow mutch are it gonna cost extra?? 2014-12-27
 NO.48  Hello- Is it possible to buy a replacement set of hands for the 42 cm female msd? I have a Goodreau resin doll with a broken fingers & their hands appear similar? If so, what is the cost with shipping? Thank you! 2014-11-10
 NO.47  Is it possible to get the Mei head with the Rong body? 2014-8-15
 NO.46  to number 30, she is $140, not $800. 2014-7-6
 NO.45  Hey, I've purchased this doll before but I ran into a little trouble. Would it be possible to order her head only? 2014-7-4
 NO.44  Oh, she is really wonderful, I love her, but... sorry, this photo isn´t very good. :-/ I think that your dolls are beautiful, but they do not look very well on your photos, so many people DON´T NOW, how beautiful your dolls are in real!! I think that´s a pity... I understand, maybe you don´t have enought time or equipment or somethink... So you can ask doll owners if they can send you some photos! I think then people will buy your dolls more! ;-)(Sorry for my english :D) 2014-6-22
 NO.43  Is it possible to order this doll's head alone? It isnt on the parts page. 2014-5-19
 NO.42  I want to buy some clothes for her. Whitch size should i buy ? Because there are sizes like 1/3 and I don't care witch i should chose. 2013-12-24
 NO.41  Какой у неё размер парика? В какой комплекции она придёт? Сколько будет стоить доставка в москву? Сколько ждать с момента заказа? 2013-12-6
 NO.40  the doll is send with her body? 2013-10-21
 NO.39  She send with eyes and without wig, right ? 2013-10-21
 NO.38  Hi I was wondering does ya come with eyes? 2013-8-28
 NO.37  Hi there! I'm very glad to see Ya here. When i was first introduced to the bjd world, i thought i would order from bbb, but then i heard of this company. I watched a few box openings of each, and RS seems far more superior. 2013-8-4
 NO.36  what size wig and eyes fit her best? 2013-7-2
 NO.35  includes wig? what is the value of shipping to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Thank you. 2013-2-23
 NO.34  incluye peluca? cual es el valor de envio a Buenos Aires, Argentina. gracias. 2013-2-23
 NO.33  to no 32: She is a doll of 42 cm, I believe. 2013-2-20
 NO.32  What is the size of this doll? 2013-1-28
 NO.31  How much is shipping cost to Denmark? 2013-1-21
 NO.30  I want to order this doll, but when I add it to my favorites it says $800? How much is she really? 2012-11-28
 NO.29  How much would shipping cost to Mississauga,ON L5A 3N1,Canada? 2012-9-22
 NO.28  what is the eye size for this doll ? 2012-9-20
 NO.27  This is a beautiful doll and I'd love to purchase it! However, I would like to know her wig size and eye size before I purchase her. Would it be too much trouble to find out? Thanks a bunch :) 2012-8-22
 NO.26  is it possible to order her on a boy's body? :3 2012-8-14
 NO.25  She's got such a cute face ! Is it possible to deliver her to Reunion Island ? 2012-7-31
 NO.24  How come, when I add this to cart it says $140, but when I add it to my favorites it says $800? How much is she really? 2012-6-18
 NO.23  Hello! How much would the shipping to Poland? What is included with the doll? thanks ! 2012-4-19
 NO.22  I'd love to buy this girl. I'm from Russia. How much does it cost with shipping? 2012-3-3
 NO.21  Wow! She's nice! How much does the shipping cost to Ukraine? 2012-2-26
 NO.20  How many there will be a delivery of this doll in россию? 2012-2-2
 NO.19  Hi! I own one of these and I was hoping to know what her foot size was so I can get her better shoes! :D 2011-12-27
 NO.18  She is beautiful :). How much is shipping to the U.S.? 2011-12-23
 NO.17  i cant wait to get my doll because i got the clothes and i am getting the wig with the doll because i payed it seprily i cant wait XD xx 2011-8-29
 NO.16  hello i was just wondering because my doll was orderd at the start of this month and i was wondering when i will get my resinsoul doll all i can say is that ya is a beutiful doll to have i found the idea to get the resinsoul doll by my friend and she got mei but i like ya the most thanks for makeing such a beutiful doll 2011-8-29
 NO.15  hello it is Nicole and i orderd my doll at the start of this month and today is the 29th of august can you please tell me when i will get my doll thanks Nicole xx 2011-8-29
 NO.14  How much is shipping to Chile? What is included with the doll? thanks ! 2011-8-16
 NO.13  Yes, how much does the shipping cost to Holland? 2011-7-6
 NO.12  How muh does the shipping cost to the netherlands? 2011-7-6
 NO.11  Hello! I am looking to purchase Ya in the near future, I was wondering what size wigs would fit on her, and her head circumference. :D 2011-5-18
 NO.10  How do I order the Ya Head only? 2011-5-16
 NO.9  How much is shipping to the U.S.? thanks 2011-4-14
 NO.8  what skin tone does ya have in these pictures? 2011-4-6
 NO.7  Hello!!! I ordered this doll in January, say when you send her? code number 201111552310.  2011-2-17
 NO.6  Hello! How much would the shipping to Hungary? Thanks in advance. ^ ^ 2011-2-14
 NO.5  I really like Ya. She has very beautiful eyes. Soon I will have such a doll! I've already placed an order! Hurray!  2011-1-4
 NO.4  so lovely.i wait for ai with human ears. ^^ 2010-12-17
 NO.3  Yay! love love that you made a human-eared version of Mei! I hope that in the future you decide to offer both human and elf eared versions for other sculpts as well. 2010-11-20
 NO.2  Will you sell this human ears mei head as a doll part? I already bought Mei head with Rong body, and now I'm interested on this head with YAO body... is that possible? 2010-11-20
 NO.1  O.O When did this happen??? She's wonderful! I love that you're putting out dolls in both Elf ears and human ears! 2010-11-19
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