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Add:Home >> Products >> Doll Parts >> Doll Parts-02 >> Rong body
  Product Name: Rong body
Product No.: 10071
Member Price: $110.00
Weight: 750 g

 NO.42  Hi, I am curious if you do special color orders such as hot pink. 2018-11-27 9:25:15
 NO.41  Does Mei her head fit on Rongs body? 2017-11-9 4:51:13
 NO.40  I'm wanting to get a set of Rong's legs. I don't need her upper half. Is that possible? How much would only her legs and feet cost me? 2017-10-7 8:57:27
 NO.39  Hello, Does the Rong body come with her head? Or do I need to be looking at her other listing for the same name? Thanks iley 2016-12-31
 NO.38  hi i was wondering if Rong's body comes with her head? 2016-7-14
 NO.37  I would really love this body with the "immature" bust. Is there a way to order that body? 2016-6-9
 NO.36  Hello, Would it be possible to get just the bust piece matched to another resin shade? I'm very interested. 2016-5-2
 NO.35  Hi. I just found this website, and it is beautiful! I really want one of these dolls, for little money, and the Rong body is less money than the Rong doll. What is the difference? Does the body not include the head? Because the pictures include the head, and I want to make the right decision. Thanks! 2016-4-7
 NO.34  Hello, would it be possible to just get legs, not the full body? I only need those as I have the rest of the body. Thank you 2015-11-6
 NO.33  Does normal skin color work with dollfie dream normal? Also what are the measurements for this body? Thanks! 2015-4-8
 NO.32  Would like this body with Ju head, Thanks 2015-3-20
 NO.31  Would it be possible for me to order this with Mei's head,but in gray? 2014-11-29
 NO.30  I really want to buy extra hands for this doll. Mine broke! 2014-6-30
 NO.29  Is it possible to order Li's bust on Rong's body? I like Rong's body, but I would prefer the smaller chest piece. Thank you for your time! 2014-5-5
 NO.28  Hi is i possible to order this body with the small bust piece and if so how do i do that? 2014-4-8
 NO.27  I was wanting to bye just the hands for the Rong body. 2014-1-28
 NO.26  Hello Resinsoul, just wondering if it would be possible just to buy the double jointed legs and arms from this doll. Love this company by the way 2013-11-9
 NO.25  is it possible to order only the hands and feet of the body? And if they fit the standard body Ya? 2013-5-22
 NO.24  Hello, Resinsoul staff. I have a old body Rong, an i need the new piece from hip, how i can buy it? Thanks! =) 2013-4-17
 NO.23  Hello~ A few questions, first, how much is shipping? I live in Canada~ Also, how long is delivery, on average? Not that there's any problem with it, I'm just curious~ 2013-3-15
 NO.22  I was curious if it's possible to purchase just a set of legs and feet? And if so how much? I have a Yao and I absolutely adore her but I want the option to be able to change her legs 2013-3-7
 NO.21  Hi. Can I order the immature version of this body (Li's body)? Thank you. 2012-11-27
 NO.20  Can someone please tell me the difference between buying this Rong body and the Rong doll? I really want to get her but I would like to know the difference between what is included. 2012-3-13
 NO.19  How tall are your bodies? there are no measurements on any of them! I have a Lian head and want a body for her. 2012-1-19
 NO.18  What is the shipping cost for the USA and the average head size for this body? 2011-11-26
 NO.17  I know that this is a common question but can you buy this body and seperatly buy Meis head. What would the cost be. Also what is the estimated shipping cost for USA? 2011-9-13
 NO.16  What types of heads are allowed to fit onto the rong body? Would Ju be one of them? And it is the same measurements for the li body except in a difference in bust, correct? 2011-7-3
 NO.15  I would like to know if you ever get answers to your questions? If so, where? 2011-4-28
 NO.14  Hello ! Would it be possible to buy up Rong's body and Mei's head together ? Separately, it is a bit more expensive. 2011-3-3
 NO.13  Can you tell me if Mei's head will fit on this body? Thanks! ^_^ 2011-2-27
 NO.12  Please, tell us about the measurements and possibility to buy Li`s body with a smaller bust) We really love your dolls, but we need information about them) 2011-2-16
 NO.11  Is it possible to have Rong in Dark Tan 2011-2-8
 NO.10  Hi, Is it possible to get Li's body? I know she has a similar body to Rong but i prefer the smaller bust on my MSD size dolls. 2011-1-10
 NO.9  Hi! Would you please add measurements of this body? Thank you. ^^ 2010-12-17
 NO.8  Hi there, I was wondering if the Mei head would fit on this body? 2010-8-15
 NO.7  Hello! Does the package (doll carrier bag) include with this body? 2010-7-31
 NO.6  Hi Do you know if this body could be mix with a angell studio's head (vicky) ? thanks by advance 2010-7-4
 NO.5  Very nice. ^^ Really good job, I love it. ♥ 2010-6-25
 NO.4  you can browse the Rong's information.Thank you 2010-6-6
 NO.3  Would you please add measurements of this body? 2010-5-29
 NO.2  i'm sorry not, the body have no make up option 2010-5-27
 NO.1  here "make up" means bodyblushing? is it possible to see the photos with it? 2010-5-20
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