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Add:Home >> Products >> 60-70cm Doll >> 61cm Doll-01 >> Mu
  Product Name: Mu
Product No.: 090064
Member Price: $205.00
Weight: 1999 g
 NO.42  What size wig does MU wear? What size are his eyes? 2014-8-12
 NO.41  How much will it cost to buy a pair of human legs extra? 2013-5-1
 NO.40  What are MU's measurements? 2012-7-14
 NO.39  I would love to have a Mu in my collection, is it possible to order an extra pair of human legs with it? If yes... how much would it cost? 2012-2-28
 NO.38  what are the measurments for this dolls waist 2011-11-4
 NO.37  Are there high-heeled feet avaliable for him? 2011-9-18
 NO.36  Can I order him with both hooves and human legs? And how much will it cost? 2011-9-18
 NO.35  Hi. What wig size fits Mu? I can't find any measurements ^_^; 2011-9-4
 NO.34  Hey!!! Where the other photos?! 2011-8-21
 NO.33  Hi! Can I order him with horns and human ears? Or just horns? What body tipe does he use? 2011-4-14
 NO.32  hi i was wondering if Longs head would fit with this body? i really love the legs especially! thanks Bettina 2011-3-8
 NO.31  Will Mu's body work with Yun's head? 2010-10-28
 NO.30  There should be a package that comes with Ai and Mu and then them separate. 2010-10-23
 NO.29  Wow, i'm going to have to save up a lot of money in order to get all the dolls i want. Mu is number 2 on my "Need to get" list! 2010-9-29
 NO.28  Apollo is not our company's product, so we can't offer you, but i think Mu's body is suitable for Apollo head ,Thank you!  2010-6-28
 NO.27  Is it possible to use Apollo's head on a Mu body? His body is gorgeous, but I am not particular to his face :/ 2010-6-26
 NO.26  Dan and Mu's head and horn is interchangeable,and Ai's head is suitable for Mu's body, You can request in your order ,Thank you! 2010-6-10
 NO.25  Hi~ You've created such wonderful body, but will Ai's head fit on the male body? Thank you~ 2010-6-10
 NO.24  absolutely love him, i can't save up for him fast enough! stunning body. would it be possible to swap his head and horns for Dans in order though? 2010-6-6
 NO.23  Horns, hooves and fur come painted as well if I pay for the makeup? Thank you ^^ 2010-5-11
 NO.22  You can match MU with the human body, just note it in your letter or in order. 2010-4-2
 NO.21  I was wondering if I could get Mu with human legs,and if so how would I go about ordering him in that way? Love everything else about him! 2010-3-29
 NO.20  I love his face! It's wonderful. I'd probably put his head on a different body, though. His body is a really well sculpted body, but I'm just into human dolls. 2010-1-26
 NO.19  Hello, everyone, the company's New Year's promotional activities end on January 15, it is the last 3 days, please pay attention to it.Thank you Resinsoul 2010-1-13
 NO.18  OMG he's gorgeous. i didn't think twice about it, I just bought him! :D :D :D 2009-12-28
 NO.17  Wonderful work on Mu he looks amazing , I can't wait for my boys arrival and was just wondering when you will be putting up his measurements on the site as I really want to make a start on his costume before he arrives. Thank you! :o) 2009-12-11
 NO.16  Just made my first down payment on my boy and may I just say yuou guys are awesome. I needed a faun boy and then just as I'm close to having the money for my Song, you bring out this guy! He's beautiful, you did an excellent job! 2009-12-9
 NO.15  I just paied off my ai and she should be home soon.. I hope. I have plans to buy this guy but I have 2 others that come first :P. he is perfect for what I have in mind Thank You RS for doing an Increadable job.. 2009-12-2
 NO.14  Hello Resinsoul, I was wondering how well this doll stands? Thanks! 2009-12-2
 NO.13  Must have this doll to make my Lord of the Wild Hunt. just have to decide on a resin colour. 2009-12-2
 NO.12  He's my next doll goal aswell  2009-12-2
 NO.11  omg, him and ai are stuning pretty! I LOVE the resin-fur-thing and his horns! Congratulations RS, your fauns are lovely! 2009-12-1
 NO.10  I do believe I found my next doll goal! Thank you SO much ResinSoul, he looks fantastic! 2009-12-1
 NO.9  Oh, he is beautiful, I really want to buy him. But can we see more pictures when he is poseing or something? Wants to se how well he can stand on his feets ^^ 2009-12-1
 NO.8  His ears are wonderful. It be great for a female with ears like his but drooping down like some fey are pictured to have in a shy and innocent look. 2009-11-30
 NO.7  Will you release the horns separately as well? 2009-11-30
 NO.6  Resinsoul U're killing me!He's amazing!I will necessarily buy Ai and Mu.Thank U so much! 2009-11-29
 NO.5  Can we order the normal leg extra to him? AMAZING! Thanks so much Resinsoul!!! 2009-11-29
 NO.4  He's WONDERFUL! Bless you, Resinsoul- you're the best company I've ever shopped with. Could I see some pictures of him with Dan's head on? Thank you! 2009-11-29
 NO.3  So pretty.. Can we have his size stats and maybe some pictures of arm movement? 2009-11-29
 NO.2  Amazing elf!! there simply are not words! 2009-11-29
 NO.1  skdjfhg Resinsoul, you are the absolute greatest BJD company that ever has been, or ever will be. Mu looks -amazing- and this Friday, when I get my paycheck, I don't think that I'll be able to add him to my shopping cart fast enough. ;o; 2009-11-28
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