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Add:Home >> Products >> 60-70cm Doll >> 58cm Doll-01 >> Ai
  Product Name: Ai
Product No.: 090063
Member Price: $198.00
Weight: 1800 g

  Well, the company has launched the latest doll Ai now, this is a type of Hooves molded 58CM girl , it can be matched double-horn or single-horn,horns can be moved within a certain range on the surface of head. There are a group of pictures of Ai. The body figures are as follows:








CHEST 22.5cm

WAIST 15.5cm

HIP 23.5cm










 NO.97  Hello! Would it be possible to get only Ai's head without body? 2021/5/23 19:43:10
 NO.96  would it be possible to buy her head to put on a separate body? thank you! 2018/9/28 17:39:32
 NO.95  Hi I would like to know if there is any chance you could get the georgeous Ai doll with doubble jointed elbows? /thanks 2016/12/13
 NO.94  Hey! Would it be possible to get Ai's body, but with Rong' head? Thank you! 2016/8/30
 NO.93  Heya, i Would like to know if i can get her in a lighter shade of purple and matching human legs (so Ai legs and human legs in light purple) Thanks <3 2016/8/25
 NO.92  How much would it be to add human legs to the full doll? 2016/3/31
 NO.91  Is it possible to buy Ai with human legs? 2015/9/27
 NO.90  Can I order Ai with human legs 2015/7/29
 NO.89  Love the sculpt, but I was wondering if she comes as a human? Like, with human feet and ears, no horns? 2015/6/5
 NO.88  Hi, i loved Ai's face, but i was wondering if i can customize this girl into a boy!!! But with normal legs and same height (58 cm) and i have another question too, can i put and take off the horns when i want? Or this are glued to the head? 2015/6/3
 NO.87  Hello how much is postage to Australia 4074 2015/5/21
 NO.86  Can you buy the head by itself and how much is it without horns? 2015/2/17
 NO.85  I want these one but I would like the feet or what ever it calls and the horns with make up please 2015/2/3
 NO.84  I have been looking EVERYWHERE for a faun BJD and now i've found one!! And for fairly inexpensive too! I'll have to save up for her but by golly I will have this Faun Girl one day!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3 2014/12/28
 NO.83  Hi, I was wondering if you were going to sell a small 40cm boy with hooves. These are done really, really well. I love the detailing you've put on them, especially the thigh joints. 2013/11/19
 NO.82  Hi just wondering how much will postage cost to send Ai to England? also one last question how long will it take to make her? thank you best regards Leia 2013/11/7
 NO.81  Can someone tell me witch clothes, wigs, shoes etc i should buy to this Ai? (Im new with BJDS...) 2013/8/1
 NO.80  I wish to buy tan Ai with human girl body (60cm) Can you explain how I would place this order? Thank you 2013/7/31
 NO.79  how much extra it will cost to buy a pair of human legs? 2013/5/1
 NO.78  will Rong's head fit on Ai's body? 2013/1/14
 NO.77  Is there any possible chance to get Faun ears like on Rong on Ai? If so I'd buy! 2012/12/30
 NO.76  I now want this model to my normal legs Doll how and where to buy? Thanks 2012/10/25
 NO.75  Is it possible to buy her with a human body, no horns? If not, then is it possible to buy just the head and match it up with a body? 2012/10/10
 NO.74  hi, can i get ai with human body? If yes, how much is it if i order her in sky blue? Also, is she double jointed? Tq. 2012/7/6
 NO.73  No.70 there is a male version of the hooved doll called Mu and you can request the Ai head on the Mu body. 2012/2/24
 NO.72  Oh I wish she was a unicorn! I've been looking for a unicorn doll, but Ai is so gorgeous...please make on! 2012/2/23
 NO.71  Can she be purchased without the horns, just the legs? 2012/1/23
 NO.70  Hello, I would like to know if it's possible to order Ai with a male boby and the same legs as shown in the pictures. 2012/1/12
 NO.69  Greetings! I was wondering, is it possible to get the Ai body with another head instead and with no horns? :) Also how much would shipping be to Australia? Many kind thank you's! 2011/10/2
 NO.68  I'd really much like to know if it's possible to order only Ai's head? 2011/5/22
 NO.67  I was wondering If I could order this doll without the hooves and with regular legs instead? Or an option to buy normal legs along with the hooves? I would really like to have regular legs instead of the hooves.. 2011/5/15
 NO.66  Could I get Yao's head and horns with this specific body? I really like Yao's facial features and ram horns but I really like the body features (fur texture)and hooves on this body. 2011/4/24
 NO.65  What paint is used on all the dolls? Is there a particular type? I've heard of pastels, oil paint and acrylic being used, but what's best for durabilty and for not damaging the doll? 2011/4/4
 NO.64  Is it possible to order Ai without a head? How much less would that be? 2011/4/3
 NO.63  Would it be possible to get Ai with Lian's head in either gray or coffee color? Thank you! 2011/1/26
 NO.62  I wait for Ai with human ears. ^-^ 2011/1/24
 NO.61  I agree with #44, a version of Ai with human ears would be wonderful. I'd get one of each. 2010/11/21
 NO.60  Can you buy her with extra legs? if so much much would it be? 2010/10/16
 NO.59  Some asked before if they could request normal legs instead of hoofs.I was wondering if I could buy the doll as is with hoofs, but also have a normal set of legs come with her? That would be extra right? (if so how much) Thanks in advance for answering. =) 2010/9/23
 NO.58  Would it be possible to get just her head (no horns) with the 68cm girl body in the sky blue tone? Would LOVE to see pics of her head on that body, i know it will be smaller but may work for what i wnat to do with her : D 2010/9/22
 NO.57  I love Ai and Mu dearly, also the wing/bird feet idea is great too. I'd also like to see feline/canine feet and possibly ears. My other desire are tails. I'm currently trying to find some small magnets strong enough to hold a sculpey tail up on Mu's backside. Could you guys stick some magnets in and maybe make some different styles of animal tails? I'd love magnetic ones like the horns so you can still dress them and just stick the tail on without cutting holes for them! 2010/8/12
 NO.56  I just put this doll in my favorites and the price said that it was $1,800. Above (in the description) the doll is listed as $198. Which price is correct? I'm assuming it's the $198.... 2010/8/5
 NO.55  How much is shipping to North America? 2010/8/5
 NO.54  Still wondering if the legs can be bought separately? Thanks! 2010/8/4
 NO.53  I love this doll! But I was wondering, do you have a layaway or payment plan? 2010/8/3
 NO.52  Agreeing with comments #25 and #51.... her legs can be bough separately? 2010/6/25
 NO.51  I agree with comment #25.. can I buy just the hooved legs? I want to match them up with the Rong head and make a deer!! 2010/6/22
 NO.50  about the makeup, if you have demand, please write to tell us, if the amount of work is large, there will be some labor fee, the proposal of doll with bird feet and wing is very good, thanks 2010/6/18
 NO.49  Can you get the makeup for the hooves, and fur on her body as well? If you could is it possible to pick what color? 2010/6/16
 NO.48  I would love to make a unicorn out of this girl! And I agree, a bird-foot, maybe winged, doll would be amazing! Please, consider making one!! 2010/6/15
 NO.47  Beautiful! I'm delighted to see fantasy dolls catching on everywhere. <3 Do you have any plans to release a doll with bird feet/legs? I love the hooves, but a bird lady would be just incredible. :) 2010/6/15
 NO.46  Ai looks so lovely! I cannot wait to get one, but I have a question. Do you offer body blushing for her? 2010/6/13
 NO.45  we will try our best to satisfy the majority's request. Thank you  2010/6/5
 NO.44  Do you have project to make Ai face with human ears? I love her face very much but I Rarely like elf ears 2010/6/2
 NO.43  you can demand in the order to match with general leg,Thank you 2010/5/27
 NO.42  Is there any way to request regular legs on her? I absolutely adore her face, but the hooves aren't my thing. ^_^' Hehe. Thanks in advance! <3 2010/5/22
 NO.41  My (WS)Ai arrived today and she is so beautiful! The photos do not do her justice. If you have not bought her yet, do so now, you will not be dissapointed. She has the most amazing body sculpt, long and slim and I think her legs are just right. Thank you ResinSoul for a wonderful girl. I can't wait for (grey) Mu arrives.... 2010/5/19
 NO.40  She is so beautyful. If it is possible, how do I order Ai's head alone? 2010/3/3
 NO.39  all of doll head can be ordered separately,and Ai's head with 68CM body is seemed a bit small,Thank you! 2010/2/25
 NO.38  Hi, can I order Ai's head only? I want to match her with the 68cms girl body. 2010/2/23
 NO.37  Her head circumference is 21CM, match with a 1 / 3 doll's wigs.  2010/2/1
 NO.36  What size wig will she wear???? 2010/2/1
 NO.35  is custom make-up possible? how much is shipping? does make-up include horns and hooves? if not, is it possible to blush the hooves and horns? thank you! 2010/1/23
 NO.34  I am sorry, now the price of dolls is a little bit expensive, but the doll is still very great value. do you mean to product a doll with sole, this is a good idea. yes, Ai's head can be match with boy body  2010/1/19
 NO.33  Will Ai's head fit on any of your male bodies, and if so, which ones? I like the head/face but I think it would be a better boy :) 2010/1/18
 NO.32  I have a strange request. Is there any chance you could bring out a version of Ai with paws instead of hooves? I have a friend who would love to have one with paws and no horns. 2010/1/18
 NO.31  I'm sorry to see the sale end. I could not get on your site for a few days to buy Ai. 2010/1/17
 NO.30  Hello, everyone, the company's New Year's promotional activities end on January 15, it is the last 3 days, please pay attention to it.Thank you 2010/1/13
 NO.29  I just got this doll and she is just beautiful. Love her ! 2010/1/2
 NO.28  Hello. Greatfemale doll :D If I buy I bleu version of AI,what color of hair and hoof which here are brown? (I prefer to color it myself) Thank you for the answer. 2009/12/22
 NO.27  Oh such beautiful face! Any plans to sell just the head in future? 2009/12/15
 NO.26  Do you have plans to sell the hoof legs separately? I have a Resinsoul girl who might like hooves. 2009/12/13
 NO.25  I really don't know which these beautiful dolls I take before... Everybody have a face so gorgeous, sophisticate, delicate. Oh, cruel doubt. And you're doing what we ask, this is incredible! 2009/12/12
 NO.24  Absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much for this beautiful sculpt. I am ordering the WS version via a local supplier. She's perfect 2009/12/5
 NO.23  I was wondering if you could provide her measurements as far as her head goes. You already state she takes 16mm eyes. 2009/12/2
 NO.22  Really beautiful! The only thing that is bugging me is that the legs and hooves are a bit small... 2009/12/2
 NO.21  I have been waiting for a beautiful face like this from you, resinsoul!! Love this! It would be nice if you made a new female double-jointed body too :D  2009/12/2
 NO.20  i love the new girl ai as well but i think i would also like her with dans horns instead when ordering outside of that i think she is perfect. 2009/12/2
 NO.19  She is lovely! I just wish she was msd sized T_T sd is just too big for my family! 2009/12/1
 NO.18  May we please see a picture of Ai and Mu's unpainted heads? Are there any plans to make a girl head with Mu's long ears? Thank you. 2009/12/1
 NO.17  I really like her face sculpt, though is it possible to get her on a boys body? 2009/11/30
 NO.16  Could you show a comparison to the human girl body? 2009/11/29
 NO.15  She is fantastic! However, there seems to be a ton of girl dolls with hooves, yet very little male dolls with them! Tell me, do you have any plans to make a male version of this gorgeous sculpt? ^^; 2009/11/29
 NO.14  She's just so beautiful! I love her face, she's got a great expression! Wonderful wonderful job ResinSoul! 2009/11/29
 NO.13  OMG She is gorgeous I love her face ! Is Ai body same as Dai body (upperpart) those 3 part hooves are awesome ! 2009/11/28
 NO.12  She's amazing! When I heard you were making hooves I didn't realize you were making a whole new girl! Her face is wonderful. 2009/11/28
 NO.11  Resinsoul, words cannot express how much I love you! ;A; She looks so fantastic!! Thank you so, so much for making some hooved dolls. You've certainly made tons of people happy! And I'm really sorry to ask, but would it be possible to swap Ai's horns out for Dan's type of horns when ordering? 2009/11/28
 NO.10  Thank you! the Dolls and horns default state is no make-up. And the doll's head and horns can be bought separately, if any questions, write to us, and we will added them at the company's Web site soon. the 60CM boy will be meet with you within a few days, thank you  2009/11/27
 NO.9  She's really nice.Thank U Resinsoul! 2009/11/27
 NO.8  Do you have future plans to sell the horns separate in the future? 2009/11/27
 NO.7  Oh resinSoul. Have i told you recently how much i love you?? I LOVE YOU!!! Also :> when you release the boy may we please have a picture of Dan's head on his body as well? thank you 2009/11/27
 NO.6  I absolutely love her!!! Thank you !Resinsoul for making a hooved doll afford!!! 2009/11/27
 NO.5  Will these beautiful legs fit on your new male body? Are you considering releasing a male version of this sculpt or making a boy with hooves as well? 2009/11/27
 NO.4  I love Ai's head! Will you be selling it seperatly? Or will you be selling her with a regular human body any time soon? 2009/11/27
 NO.3  Is the makeup option for the body and horns too? 2009/11/27
 NO.2  ok, we have new pictures added. 2009/11/26
 NO.1  Could we have a picture of her legs from the side so we can see how the extra joint looks? Thank you! 2009/11/26
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