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Add:Home >> Products >> 40-50cm Doll >> 42cm Doll-01 >> Fei
  Product Name: Fei
Product No.: 09056
Member Price: $140.00
Weight: 800 g
  Fei includes a head and a 1/4 girl body,Its specific dimensions are as follows,
Height 42cm
Head size 17cm
Neck size 6cm
Shoulder width 7.5cm
Chest 15.5cm
Waist 11cm
Hip 17cm
Arm Lenght 11cm
Leg lenght 20.5cm
Feet length 5.2cm 
 NO.35  what are her measurements? 2017/1/12
 NO.34  Is it possible to get her with Ya ears (human ears)? 2016/11/3
 NO.33  just wondering how much a fei head would cost by itself? and shipping prices to Australia? 2016/1/23
 NO.32  hello, is Fei sold out? Why does she not have any other pictures of her? 2015/11/20
 NO.31  Hello, why does Fei not have any details? Is she sold out? I see no extra pictures other than her "profile" picture... 2015/10/22
 NO.30  hello Sun... I know it is possible to buy Mei head alone... but can I also buy Fei's head at the same time? and would the two heads be $100? thx you very much returning customer hawthorne 2015/2/27
 NO.29  Where is she coming from? And also,is it possible to get her with maybe part of the faceup off? 2014/5/7
 NO.28  Does she come with an outfit,eyes,or a wig? Or maybe a group of some of those items or one of them? Also,is it possible to get her with maybe another part along with her in the box? 2014/4/21
 NO.27  Hello NO.26! This is the sleeping version of Mei. Mei has open eyes, so just buy that version of her! Thank you! 2013/5/9
 NO.26  Hello! Is it posable to buy her with open eyes? ^^ I'll love to buy her but i would prefer open eyes <3 2013/3/13
 NO.25  I would like to buy just her head. Can I do this? 2013/1/8
 NO.24  To NO.23: Fei is a sleeping version of Mei. 2012/12/21
 NO.23  is it possible to order here with her eyes open? 2012/11/28
 NO.22  i would LOVE if you could make a human Fei!a human Fei is my dream msd! 2011/12/16
 NO.21  is it possible to order her with one eye open? 2010/10/19
 NO.20  Will this head be avaliable for sale with human ears? She is very beautiful with the squinted eyes. 2010/10/19
 NO.19  Are msds double jointed? 2010/10/5
 NO.18  Does she have eye wells on the inside of her head so if you wanted to open the eye from the slit you would be able to install eyes 2010/8/7
 NO.17  On two first photos she has white or normal skin? 2010/7/23
 NO.16  Could ask Fei's head loose? 2010/5/15
 NO.15  i would like to see pics of different skin colours of her if its possible >.< and also what does she come with???  2009/10/19
 NO.14  It includes a pair of eyes. 2009/9/15
 NO.13  will she come with eyes? 2009/9/15
 NO.12  will she come with eyes? 2009/9/9
 NO.11  Is it possible to get Fei with a boy body and a custom faceup? 2009/8/23
 NO.10  FEI can use the boy's hands.If you need,you can prompt us when you place the order.Thank you!  2009/8/21
 NO.9  It it possible to get Fei with the hands from the boy body? (The closed hands, as seen here http://www.resinsoul.com/05-chanpin/p-001-1.asp?id=329) 2009/8/20
 NO.8  okay, thank you!!! 2009/8/18
 NO.7  The price of FEI's head and MEI's head is the same.So you just need order MEI's head and prompt us.Thank you!  2009/8/13
 NO.6  what a pretty girl! want~~! when will the head become available for purchase? 2009/8/13
 NO.5  .She is the squinting version of MEI.Her eyes opened a slit.The head can be ordered sepately.  2009/8/7
 NO.4  cute &cool!! I want it in this head and a boy body^^ 2009/8/7
 NO.3  OMG it is a sleeping Mei!!! Please tell me that we can just buy the head too! 2009/8/6
 NO.2  It is fine! Such gentle and lovely! 2009/8/6
 NO.1  is she the same sculpt as mei? are her eyes completely closed or is there a small slit so you can more easily install her lashes? either way very pretty girl. ^^ 2009/8/6
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