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Add:Home >> Products >> 60-70cm Doll >> 58cm Doll-01 >> Dan
  Product Name: Dan
Product No.: 09043
Member Price: $198.00
Weight: 1800 g
  Dan includes a head(with horns) and a 1/3 girl body,Its specific dimensions are as follows,
Height 58cm
Head size 21cm
Neck size 8cm
Shoulder width 9.5cm
Chest 22cm
Waist 15.5cm
Hip 23.5cm
Arm Lenght 16cm
Leg lenght 32cm
Feet length 6.7cm 
 NO.51  hi woul i be abule to buy her face on a male body 2013/9/19
 NO.50  I also agree.Hooves would make this model even more amazing! 2013/1/15
 NO.49  Hello. I was wondering how much shipping to Canada would cost. Also, are eyes included if you order? Thank you. :) 2013/1/14
 NO.48  Can the Dan head fit on a 61 cm male body? Just wondering.<3 2011/9/14
 NO.47  I was wondering what would be the best size wig for Dan? I have a ML 8-9 wig, but it seems a bit big, would a M 7-8 fit better? I love her ears but they seem to get in the way for wigs. 2011/1/30
 NO.46  I love those ears, do they come on a male/ more masculine head? 2010/12/15
 NO.45  You can order the body in the "Doll Parts -02" column, thank you 2010/4/13
 NO.44  Can you make a option where the buyer can choose the body? Because so many which them with hooves and I don´t want to buy the parts seperatly. Thank you very much for making so great dolls. I like some of them. 2010/4/6
 NO.43  about her body size, you can view the DAI. yes, DAN's head can be match with AI's body. 2010/1/19
 NO.42  What are the body measurements? I am wondering if the head is compatible with the new hooved girl body of Ai? Thank you so much they are lovely. 2010/1/18
 NO.41  Hooves are the only thing that could make her even better.I'm actually putting off buying her in the hopes that you make a hooved version. 2009/11/13
 NO.40  Oh yes, if there were hooves I'd buy her right NOW. I would love to see her with hooves, she'd be a Must-buy. 2009/11/1
 NO.39  My next purchase will be a body for my Dai, and if you make hooves for her, will be exactly time when I buying a body (with hooves and horns)! Everybody wants hooves!!! And this horns are amazing!! And you could make horns for MSD... Maybe more longer and curved horns?? ;)... for mini dolls... it's a charming! 2009/10/8
 NO.38  Yay hooves!! Resinsoul, please make them! Can you make an official announcement about if you will make them? 2009/9/25
 NO.37  Please make hooves! I'll buy them if they're available separately. You make such wonderful dolls, I love my Dan. 2009/9/24
 NO.36  Yes, please release hooves for your dolls 2009/9/23
 NO.35  I want a Hooved Dan!!! or just Hooves!! Hoovies please!! 2009/9/23
 NO.34  Hooooooves please!!!! We need HOOVES! 2009/9/22
 NO.33  I have a Coffee Dan(gallery) she is gorgeous IRL. She is NOT limited. If you want painted horns (Any color horn or paint) you can put your request in Paypal comment section as you pay. 2009/9/20
 NO.32  I would also buy her if she had hooves, a demon has to have them! 2009/9/17
 NO.31  Thank you!We'll consider your proposal as a reference.  2009/8/28
 NO.30  Hi, I love Dan, she's so pretty! I was wondering, if you release Dan with hooves, would they have a leg part like this? http://i28.tinypic.com/1zlw50p.jpg I know that a lot of people would love that! 2009/8/26
 NO.29  Thanks for your offer.If more people request,we'll make a hoove feet.Thank you!  2009/8/16
 NO.28  Dan is so amazingly beautiful! I will definitely be ordering her as soon as humanly possible! If the talented people at RS were able to sculpt 58cm girl legs with hooves, I would be in heaven. No, seriously. I would order many of a hooved Dan. Although, chances are, I'll probably be ordering several of her as is. 2009/8/15
 NO.27  Hi, I want to order Dan but want hoove feet for her. Will you make hoove feet that fit her soon? Thanks! Nina 2009/8/14
 NO.26  Wow!!! you guys really outdid yourselves! I just saw pictures of the interior of the head and how the horns attach, and it is such a good idea!! Keep on creating amazing dolls! 2009/7/12
 NO.25  The head of Dan is small in relation to the body of Long.It does not fit. 2009/6/24
 NO.24  Will Dan head fit on Long (70cm) body? Can you post picture? 2009/6/24
 NO.23  Now we have added the new photo of color comparison in 'color show'.NO,22If you want human ears,I suggest you choose Dai.Thank you! 2009/6/19
 NO.22  Is there a chance to get her with human ears? Thank you. 2009/6/19
 NO.21  How long will it be before we can see comparison shots of this new gray skin tone next to your existing colors its kinda hard to see the gray with all the blushing on Dan. When will Gray and Red be added to your color show page? I plan to order some rs doll in gray but i would like to see it by it self first . ty i love your dolls. 2009/6/19
 NO.20  Oh,I didn't notice your message.But I have deleted the message of No 12. 2009/6/13
 NO.19  I heard from the grapevine that there is a male body? (Or even putting it on a BBB body.) I'd so much like to do that :3 Have a male horned dragon/demon/magician/saytr/ram/bull/magical entity doll. As for No 12, I think it should stay, otherwise 13-15 make little sense xD. Also I wonder who "PLAGIARIZED" who for the first elf dolls ever made. 2009/6/13
 NO.18  Resinsoul, you guys listen to your customers and it truly shows. Thank you 2009/6/13
 NO.17  it comes with one pair of eyes, like feng ? 2009/6/12
 NO.16  In the first place,Thank you for your endorsement.The DAN's horn color is same to the doll's.If the custom need other color.They can prompt us in order "Receipt Remarks".We have added the head and horn in dolls parts.You can order it alone.In addition,We can accept everyone's opinion,But we hope there are reasonable opinion.We will delete No 12 message,If nobody oppose.Thank you everybody. 2009/6/12
 NO.15  can you get her as a him or just the head by chance? and if you can get just her head what would the cost be? also are the horns a different color then painted or are the same color resin as the head 2009/6/12
 NO.14  NO.12: That was extremely rude of you and unnessecary. There is no need to post your negative opinion on ResinSoul's site. This doll looks nothing like Beryl from SOOM. Simply because she has horns does not mean you can call her a "plagiarism" of Beryl. SOOM does not own any copyright on horned dolls. Any company can make a doll with horns. I think ResinSoul has done the best job and I hope they continue to make MORE dolls with horns and unusual features. They are beautiful and this is where ResinSoul excels! I agree with a few other posters, I think making the horns available separately is a good idea. Maybe even design more horn styles for separate purchase. 2009/6/12
 NO.13  What a beautiful doll. I love her smile. Adding her to wishlist right now. (12, please don't make unsubstantiated and malicious allegations because she has ram horns - along with every other demon/succubus/incubus representation out there?) 2009/6/12
 NO.12  How is it a pity? Soom's Beryl WAS a limited, ridiculously priced doll. Those who missed out can find something similar at Resinsoul that is not limited it appears, and can come in a variety of lovely shades including gray. I for one would not complain. So those who missed out or can not afford the more expensive dolls can find wonderful and amazing alternatives else where. Once again thank you Resinsoul, for bringing something new and something a LOT of people may have missed out and can now find. And if the horns could be bought separately as a accessory that would make the world go round. You guy's rock my socks! 2009/6/12
 NO.11  O_O wow! WOW! I love all the new dolls that you are releasing! My wish list is getting longer and longer!!! 2009/6/11
 NO.10  It´s perfect!!! I would like too see a MSD version 2009/6/11
 NO.9  Thanks very much for your comment.And we will listen attentively to the views of everyone as much as possible.Answer some of your questions.Dolls' make-up included the horn.You can choose the color of horn and prompt us in the order remarks.Gray color can also order of any dolls.Thank you everyone!  2009/6/11
 NO.8  Wonderful and the gray is light and dainty gray, tho darker gray would be great as well. Will the horns ever be sold separately? If so that would be awesome! puu puu I hope! =D 2009/6/11
 NO.7  Is it possible to see a comparison photo of the gray and white resin to truly appreciate this new color and will other dolls on your site be offered in this new color as well? I love her and am interested on this doll but I am really interested in some of your msd's in this color as well. 2009/6/11
 NO.6  You are an amazing company for listening to the suggestions and ideas of your fans and customers. This is a beautiful doll and I love her so much, as I'm sure many others do! You are improving with every doll you make and I am amazed at the skill of ResinSoul. I am going to buy this beautiful doll. I have a question about the ordering process - how can we choose horn color, and will the horns be painted if you choose Faceup option? Thank you. Thank you Resinsoul!! 2009/6/11
 NO.5  WOW! She is lovely, I love how resinsoul dolls get better with each new one. :) She's on my wishlist too! Question: Will the horns ever be available separately? 2009/6/11
 NO.4  OMG she is gorgeous !! Totally love <3 her you did a great job and those Ram horns !! pure <3 2009/6/11
 NO.3  Question: If you order her with a faceup, will her horns be painted too? Also, is she limited? thanks 2009/6/10
 NO.2  Wow! She's beautiful! She is going on my wish list right now. Resinsoul, your dolls are beautiful, keep up the good work :) 2009/6/10
 NO.1  She is awesome, & Omg! there is a gray option! ty ^^ 2009/6/10
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