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Add:Home >> Products >> 60-70cm Doll >> 58cm Doll-01 >> Yun
  Product Name: Yun
Product No.: 09042
Member Price: $190.00
Weight: 1900 g
  Yun includes a head and a 1/3 girl body,Its specific dimensions are as follows,
Height 58cm
Head size 21cm
Neck size 8cm
Shoulder width 9.5cm
Chest 22cm
Waist 15.5cm
Hip 23.5cm
Arm Lenght 16cm
Leg lenght 32cm
Feet length 6.7cm 
 NO.37  Will the Yun head fit on the double jointed 60cm body? 2015/10/4
 NO.36  Can yun be ordered with a vampire fang mouth? 2015/7/29
 NO.35  Is she double jointed? 2015/4/2
 NO.34  The following are Yun's measurements - Height 58cm, Arm length 16.5cm, Leg length 31cm, Foot length 7.7cm, Head size 20cm, Neck size 9cm, Shoulder width 8.5cm, Chest 22.5cm, Waist 15.5cm, Hip 24cm 2015/1/19
 NO.33  Hi, is it possible to order only her body? If this is possible how much would it cost? 2014/10/12
 NO.32  whats Yuns wig size? 2013/10/31
 NO.31  I really want to buy her. is there any way I could buy her with a mature bust and dark tan skin? 2013/7/4
 NO.30  is she double jointed? 2013/6/24
 NO.29  what are her measurments?and whays her eye size? 2013/6/24
 NO.28  I LOVE HER!!! i am soon to purchase her but if you order her is she to come with a bra and undies?And do you ship heeled feet with girls? 2013/6/24
 NO.27  does she come in the charcol?i ask asi have a character i'd like to make but i need the grey/charcol colord body 2012/9/30
 NO.26  What is her eye size please? 2012/8/4
 NO.25  Good day to you!) Tell me please, is there a possibility to order Yun's head with other body? 2011/6/14
 NO.24  Is she single or double jointed? Can't really tell with the feathers and the dress. Also I would love to know her measurements! 2011/5/3
 NO.23  do her ears come off?? 2010/10/6
 NO.22  Is it possible to get a body picture without the feathers, so we can see her figure? 2010/8/22
 NO.21  Is it possible to have a picture of the colors of skin tones? Thank you! She is gorgeous! 2010/8/10
 NO.20  I adore her green eyes, and the skin tones available for her. Purple skin tone with violet eyes :-) I hope to purchase Yun soon, so beautiful. Do you have paypal as method of payment please? Thank you :-) 2010/5/18
 NO.19  Thank you,her head circumference is 21CM, match with a 1 / 3 doll's wigs 2010/4/2
 NO.18  Hi. I was wondering, what is her wig size? 2010/3/30
 NO.17  White and normal,thank you 2010/2/25
 NO.16  What are the skin tones in these pics? White and normal or pink? 2010/2/16
 NO.15  She just arrived a few days ago,shes a lot prettier in person,I love her so much~ 2010/2/2
 NO.14  OMG she's sooooo preety although if and when I buy her I think I might upgrade her to a purple skin tone. 2009/9/25
 NO.13  What is her wig size? 2009/8/20
 NO.12  That's OK!Tell a news to everybody,now YUN can use the horn of DAN.Just the horn need to order separately.I will add a photo.Thank you!  2009/8/13
 NO.11  What a beautiful girl! I would like to know, if I bought her and a set of horns, could she have a magnetic headcap inserted like Dan has? I don't mind paying a little extra for it. 2009/8/13
 NO.10  She is beautiful! Could you post picture of her and Long side by side? I'm planning to buy those two, but before I would love to see them together. Thank you:) 2009/7/17
 NO.9  ALL parts of the unlimited editions RS dolls can be sold by retail.If have any need,you can communicate by e-mail,then order and pay it directly.Thank you! 2009/6/12
 NO.8  Is Yun's head available for purchase separately without the body? 2009/6/10
 NO.7  Wow, her ears are so big and so beautiful! I love them! Man, i wasn't planning on a girl doll for a long while but i might have to change that plan. 2009/6/7
 NO.6  Could you post a closeup of the front of the face please? She looks gorgeous. 2009/5/22
 NO.5  Ok.We add to a pic now.Thank you. 2009/5/17
 NO.4  the left eye in every picture looks strange.. could u post a front pic and other side face pic? 2009/5/16
 NO.3  She is really beautiful! So tender... ohh, I already love her! I think. she looks like a grown-up JU. Good work, Resinsoul! Good luck to you! 2009/5/15
 NO.2  Thank you!Yes,we'll introduce a evil spirit of 58CM in the future.The 60CM boys is also in production. 2009/5/15
 NO.1  She is very pretty, My question is with the release of the 2 new 58cm girls, and you mentioning the evil spirit girl? in possibly gray (tentative) Will you be releasing any 60cm-61cm boys in the future for their companions? 2009/5/14
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