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Add:Home >> Products >> 60-70cm Doll >> 58cm Doll-01 >> Dai
  Product Name: Dai
Product No.: 09040
Member Price: $190.00
Weight: 1800 g
HIP 23.5CM
 NO.48  would it be possible for me to get this doll but with the alternate faceup she has when purchased without a body? http://www.resinsoul.com/05-chanpin/p-001-1.asp?id=384 2016/6/5
 NO.47  Hello. Any chance you can tell us the measurements of this body? Thank you. 2014/12/5
 NO.46  Hello! Can we please have Dai's measurements? Also, can Dai's head fit on the 68cm girl body? Thanks 2014/9/9
 NO.45  I wonder where's her measeruments? 2013/12/28
 NO.44  What size eyes does this doll require? 2013/2/4
 NO.43  Hello, Can I order her head on a boy body? 2012/11/3
 NO.42  hi! how′s the tall of that doll, and the others sizes, like the head size.. i wanna buy this doll! plz answer! 2012/5/2
 NO.41  Hi! How much will it cost to ship her to Russia? Thanks! 2010/12/13
 NO.40  the first time I bought Dai I asked for the coffee skin. I sent a massage that said I thought the coffee was a darker color. You said I have to order darker colors by mail. How do I do that? I wanted a smaller doll in something like mocha. Not a dark brown but I do want her to look African American. 2010/12/2
 NO.39  She is wonderful *_* I will buy it necessarily. But i want make up without the face tattoo... Is it really? 2010/11/7
 NO.38  If Demand have Elf ears ,you can choose Dan, 2010/6/8
 NO.37  So beautiful, would love to see Dai with the option to have Elf ears :-) 2010/6/6
 NO.36  Is it possible for her to not have human ears? And also how much would it cost with the clothes if it's avaliable? 2010/6/4
 NO.35  Do you think you will be making a 60cm boy? I would like to see one to go as a partner to Dai? 2009/7/14
 NO.34  Can you please have her in elf ears? She is so beautiful and i would really love it if you have the same head but with elf ears. 2009/7/8
 NO.33  do you offer custom face ups? 2009/7/7
 NO.32  She is beautiful. But is this flower on her face a part of standart make-up or you can do make without a flower? 2009/6/20
 NO.31  She is very lovely! Also, does she have heel feet (or is it possible to order them extra with the doll)? 2009/6/18
 NO.30  very beautiful! Although I think she is a bit too skinny from the side and front....other than that I still love this! 2009/6/12
 NO.29  She is very beautiful and at an affordable price! I can't wait for you to release a double articulate body! Hopefully I will have money by then! >w< 2009/6/12
 NO.28  I've got her. She is wonderful! Especially her hands - they are so aristocratic. Her sanding is quite smooth. Thanks for a good job! 2009/5/28
 NO.27  Thank you very much everyone.16-18MM eyes is suitable to Dai.Then we are considering using double articular in the future dolls' production.Thank you again! 2009/5/25
 NO.26  I'd like to second the plea above for double-joints in the elbows! I love my Bobobies, but I wish they could touch their faces! 2009/5/24
 NO.25  I've got her. She is wonderful! Very good sanding - she is perfectly smooth. Thanks! I have one question: what is her eyes size? 2009/5/24
 NO.24  Thank you so much for making this doll. I have an An and I love him and was wishing for a 60 (58 is fine) cm girl doll from the same artist.So she is perfect for me. Can you please tell me what size eyes she has? Thank you again! 2009/5/23
 NO.23  I am just looking forward to seeing her and I am keeping my fingers crossed for awesome magnetic horns and wishful thinking a grey doll. (drools) 2009/5/8
 NO.22  When will you be coming out with the new Evil Spirit doll. Will she have this same face? That would be lovely! 2009/5/8
 NO.21  is it possible to get a picture of this doll in RED resin color? ... Do you also offer custom make up? 2009/5/7
 NO.20  Thank you everyone!(No.18) In the ordinary way we'll send your doll within one month after you place order.If you have time requirement,please let us know.We will do our best to arrange for you.Thank you! 2009/5/4
 NO.19  I agree I think the new doll in with the magnetic horns sounds cool, I hope you do make her in gray too I love grey dolls. 2009/5/4
 NO.18  I made an order one week ago. How long will I wait for her? 2009/5/3
 NO.17  My goodness thanks so much she is SO lovely I will HAVE to buy her when have had the money. thanks for the extra pictures 2009/5/3
 NO.16  Thank you!If you have strong demand for gray color,we can make it. Ok,We supply some pic now.  2009/5/3
 NO.15  Could we have some more pictures of her without the shoes and a close up of her face without the tattoo. Does she come with flat of high heeled feet? with this information will order her AS soon as i have the money for her! 2009/5/2
 NO.14  That is great, I am looking forward to seeing her when she is released. I know you recently came out with the red resin with the addition of your red ox, I now see that color as a option on other dolls on your site. Have you considered in the future making a Neutral gray if even for a few limited fantasy dolls like the one currently being discussed? I know I have seen interest on bobobie's site and doll forums about interest of bobobie or resinsoul making a neutral gray resin. Several companies release limited dolls in some sort of gray, typically used for vampires, elves, fantasy, or zombies. It compliments the dolls quite well. You currently have the largest and most beautiful array of resin shades of any company and I for one would love to see one of your dolls in a gray in the future if at all possible especially the new one you are describing. I think it would be lovely. Thank you again for continuing to make beautiful dolls at a price people can afford. your dolls are lovely and i look forward to seeing your future dolls as well. 2009/5/1
 NO.13  Thank you everyone.We will humbly accept your proposal. 2009/4/29
 NO.12  I agree on the magnetic parts. Magnetic parts are fun and good to handle! Is it possible that you release a 60cm body with a double jointed arm? or to get double jointed arms seperately? I love this body but I'm desperate for double joints. 2009/4/28
 NO.11  I think making the horns as separate pieces attachable with magnets is the best idea. It would allow for a wig to be put on the doll and perhaps you could even make multiple horns in different styles for variety. There are not many companies on the market currently that make attachable horns you can buy by themselves. I think RS is a perfect company to manufacture horn accessories for dolls because of your many resin colors allowing many options! 2009/4/24
 NO.10  You are doing a WONDERFUL job of providing us with gorgeous, fantasy related dolls. I agree, I would like to see parts be magnetic so that these dolls are more customizable to the buyers tastes. Also,your sculpting has become more delicate and beautiful I have noticed. The hands in particular hold a very nice grace to them. Soom may have many fantasy dolls, but they are SO far overpriced when considering the quality you are giving your customers. 2009/4/24
 NO.9  Thank you!Thank you for your good suggestion! 2009/4/20
 NO.8  couldn't you make the horns magnetic like alot of the other companies to with their dolls with the large horns? then you get the best of both worlds she could have a lovely fantasy wig and the horns and then they could be placed on the head by the owner you could even make them an exclusive purchase to the doll or affix the magnets to the dolls head so the horns are part of the doll. she sounds great though i can't wait to see her. 2009/4/18
 NO.7  The evil spirit we intend to launch is a girl.She have a pair of exaggerating horns and non-human ears.The hair doesn't suit her because her big horns.We are considering whether don't give her hair or make decorations on her head.We would like to hear your views.Thank you!  2009/4/17
 NO.6  will the "evil sprit" be a male or female? also will it be a vampire, demon, elf, mermaid, or some other new supernatural creature? 2009/4/16
 NO.5  Her hand is not double-jointed.Her knee have a movable joint.We will launch a new 58CM evil spirit soon.Thank you!  2009/4/12
 NO.4  She's gorgeous!!! will you be making a elf head in this size?? I think I will be getting her instead of the other doll that I was looking at. 2009/4/10
 NO.3  Hi! The body is very beautiful, I might want it for my girlie ^^ Are her legs and arms double-jointed? 2009/4/10
 NO.2  Thank you!The dolls' general make-up is not with tattoo.And we can provide tattoo.But we may charge the extra labor costs of $20.  2009/4/9
 NO.1  She is beautiful. I will DEFINITELY be getting this girl. You have done an amazing job Resinsoul! You are continuing to grow and improve as a company and it is amazing to watch. My question is: Is it possible to order her WITHOUT the face tattoo? 2009/4/9
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