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Add:Home >> Products >> Doll Parts >> Doll Parts-02 >> Bigger boy body
  Product Name: Bigger boy body
Product No.: 8021
Member Price: $160.00
Weight: 1950 g

This is one Bigger boys body which matched 70cmdolls,the body figures are as follows:







CHEST 26cm

WAIST 19cm

HIP 25cm


 NO.30  I really want this body to hybrid with my supergem head, but I need it in 65 cm with less abs. Is this even possible? 2021/5/3 15:38:36
 NO.29  is this body can be customized without the abs? 2019/12/14 10:34:35
 NO.28  Do u take custom skin tone orders? Thank you 2016/10/21
 NO.27  Is he double jointed or single jointed? 2016/3/5
 NO.26  The knees are also different. He has jointed kneecaps. 2016/2/3
 NO.25  Got this body delivered today. Hands were open, it seems they changed them. He is so lean, love the body. 2016/2/3
 NO.24  Would it be possible to buy this doll with open hands instead of closed? 2015/4/27
 NO.23  Hello. How much will be shipping to Georgia (country)? 2015/4/2
 NO.22  Hi, would you ever consider making this boy body without the private part? I would love to have one of these but I'm not willing to buy one unless it's a non-anatomically correct one. 2015/1/22
 NO.21  Hi How tall is this body? and What are the measurements of this doll? Please tell me and post it on the website (this page) too! Thank you. I'm looking forward to hearing from you. 2012/5/12
 NO.20  can I get in the blue, with different hands. I don't care for the closed hands would want them open 2012/1/19
 NO.19  Just so everyone knows the body comes standard with open hands. I emailed Sun at admin@resinsoul.com. That is the best way to get answers. You get a polite and quick response that way 2011/11/4
 NO.18  Hi, I was wondering is there a double jointed version on the 70cm body and are other hands available? 2011/11/2
 NO.17  No one seems to like the hands, could you please respond? 2011/9/5
 NO.16  Hello! Is this body available with different hands? 2011/5/1
 NO.15  Hi! I just wanted to know if the 70cm body will fit a dollzone yuu head? Thx :D 2011/3/5
 NO.14  Hello! Could you tell me if there're other hands for this body please? I know that people are asking about it all the time, but I can't check your answer on that :( And it is really important for me, I'd like to buy this body with normal hands, not gripped ones TT 2011/3/2
 NO.13  Hello! Is he available with different hands? 2010/11/16
 NO.12  How does the normal skin compare with Dollzone normal skin colors? 2010/11/7
 NO.11  Dear Resinsoul, aswer please on my e-mail about order 2010715161511 payment ^.^ 2010/7/16
 NO.10  Hello, Is he available with different hands? Thanks :) 2010/6/21
 NO.9  Hello! Is he available with different hands? Or can I buy different hands separately? 2010/5/16
 NO.8  Are there better hands for him? The body is fine but I am not fond of the closed hands. 2010/3/17
 NO.7  Are any normal hands available for him? Thank you for answer 2010/3/15
 NO.6  I would also like to know about the hands. Are any normal hands available for him? Thank you for your answer. 2010/2/21
 NO.5  Very good body!!! Has bought a body in May, white, it is magnificent. Tell, whether it is possible to get for it separately of a brush of hands? It would be desirable to have one more hands, but separately on sale on a site they are not present. Thanks! 2009/9/23
 NO.4  Hello! Can this body fit a DIM doll Minimee head? and is it a close resin match? thanks~ leah 2009/7/31
 NO.3  There are differents hands? and it can fit a head from SOOM? thank you! 2009/7/22
 NO.2  Are there pictures of him or one of the other larger dolls in another resin color? Just for comparison 's sake... 2008/10/7
 NO.1  Are there different hands for this body? I like the body but not the hands. 2008/10/3
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