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Add:Home >> Products >> 60-70cm Doll >> 70cm Doll-01 >> Long
  Product Name: Long
Product No.: 8001
Member Price: $200.00
Weight: 2000 g

He is a boy of 70cm tall what we recently launched,including one head, one boy body, one pair of PMMA eyes and our packaging. The body figures are as follows:








CHEST 26cm

WAIST 19cm

HIP 25cm

 NO.46  Hi, can I order him with open hands instead of his closed ones? 2018/5/19 4:50:43
 NO.45  Hello.what size are his eyes? 2018/3/1 21:48:15
 NO.44  Hi, i'm thinking in buy this doll and i need to know his meseurs Thanks so much 2016/3/11
 NO.43  hi, what size are his eyes? thanks 2016/3/10
 NO.42  what′s the scale of this body? 2015/12/5
 NO.41  Hello! I'd like to know what size his eyes are? 2015/6/16
 NO.40  hi, do you make this in dark gray color?  2014/12/24
 NO.39  Hello, I would like to order this doll. Please tell me how to proceed. Thankyou 2013/6/7
 NO.38  What size wig does he wear? What size Eyes does he wear? 2013/5/30
 NO.37  Hello! Can you please tell me, what is the shipping for this doll to Barcelona ( Spain)? Inlcuidng taxes? Thankyou! 2013/3/11
 NO.36  Hello! Can you please tell me, what is the cost of shipping this doll to Australia? Thankyou! ^__^ 2013/2/3
 NO.35  Hi :) ,, How much to shipping to Bahrain ? 2013/1/8
 NO.34  When it asks for 'color' does it mean eye color, or skin color, or hair color? 2012/10/19
 NO.33  Hello,how much to shipping to France? 2012/9/20
 NO.32  I was wondering how much would be the shipping to Lithuania? It's in European Union. Thank you! 2012/8/9
 NO.31  is the body he comes with double jointed? also.. what size of clothes can he wear?. :) 2012/7/8
 NO.30  Hello. Can you please tell where the wig comes from? 2012/5/23
 NO.29  Do you sell just his head? 2012/5/17
 NO.28  can I get just the body's 70cm mail and a 68 cm female 2012/2/5
 NO.27  How much is the shipping cost? 2011/12/2
 NO.26  Hello, I just wonder, can you get long with open hands and how much is the shiping to Sweden? 2011/4/19
 NO.25  A human eared Long would be one of the other large boys Feng. Feng is Long with human ears instead of elf ears. 2011/4/7
 NO.24  Love this beautiful face, but I was wondering if he'll ever be made with human ears? Thanks! 2011/2/21
 NO.23  Hello. Can you please tell the shipping cost to Belarus? 2010/11/16
 NO.22  Hello. I'd like to buy this boy.Could you tell me, please, is it possible to buy also the opened hands for him? If it is possible, I'd like to buy its. Thanks. With best regards, Ashiru 2010/10/9
 NO.21  Can you please tell me this doll's shipping price to Russia? 2010/9/9
 NO.20  He's Gorgeous! I really enjoy how he has a sort of animalistic face form, and I love how he isn't symmetrical! Awesome mold! 2010/8/14
 NO.19  Yes, all the company product part can be match with each other, you can request in your order .so long as they are seem all right, Ok, we will update it with some pictures  2010/6/10
 NO.18  Could you post pictures of him doing more complex poses? Sitting or bending would be good. 2010/6/8
 NO.17  please, option to have Long head on girl body? open hands? :-) so many beautiful creations. :-) 2010/6/6
 NO.16  will he have additional hands? 2010/3/12
 NO.15  Long head can be matched with 1/3 boy body(Gang body) Long eyes size is 16mm,Thank you!  2010/2/25
 NO.14  What size are his eyes? 2010/2/12
 NO.13  long's head is fit to GANG's body 2010/2/1
 NO.12  Does the Long head fit on the Gang body? I'm looking for a smaller 1/3 male elf. 2010/1/31
 NO.11  Are you going to make christmas event? xDD I want to buy some things in christmas ^^ 2008/11/13
 NO.10  Will he come with the open hands? Those look better then the closed ones in my opinion. If we order him through bobobie can we get his hands too or no? 2008/10/10
 NO.9  I plan to order Long and would like to get the extra hands. When will they be available? Thanks, Marilyn 2008/9/5
 NO.8  LOVE HIM!!! will he have aditional hands? 2008/9/1
 NO.7  Will the body be offered for purchase separately? 2008/9/1
 NO.6  will their be a 70cm girl 2008/8/18
 NO.5  Can you show any picture from boy and girl 70cm bodies? 2008/8/11
 NO.4  What's the head circemference? Are you going to be putting up all the vital statistics, including price, soon? I love this new company!! 2008/8/11
 NO.3  What a honey. He looks so PRINCELY! Bravo for doing a 70cm male. More pix of body style please. 2008/8/10
 NO.2  He looks lovely! Please show more pictures of him. (: I would also like to see the 70cm body! 2008/8/5
 NO.1  what will be the price of this doll? When will it be available? 2008/8/3
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