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Add:Home >> Products >> 40-50cm Doll >> 42cm Doll-01 >> Mei
  Product Name: Mei
Product No.: 8016
Member Price: $140.00
Weight: 800 g

She is a girl of 42cm tall what we recently launched,including one head with short-elf ears, one1/4girl body, one pair of PMMA eyes and our packaging. The body figures are as follows:








CHEST 15.5cm

WAIST 11cm

HIP 17cm

 NO.240  Is it possible to buy just the Mei body in white skin? 2020-1-25 0:12:58
 NO.239  I made an order to Ireland and I was wondering how long it takes to ship 2018-12-27 19:11:25
 NO.238  Hello. Can I ask you the shipping price to Brazil? 2018-9-24 12:55:16
 NO.237  can I get her in pink with rong's body and hands-01?? she's gorgeous 2018-9-16 10:19:01
 NO.236  Hey I was wondering how much would it be to have mei on a Rong body but with a Mei bust and how much it would be to have a custom faceup and how much to ship it to the us I apologize for all the questions I'm new to ordering bjds 2018-8-1 4:28:23
 NO.235  Российская Федерация город Заволжье улица Советская Дом-1 квартира-5 индекс- 606520  2018-4-1 17:35:49
 NO.234  que contient le full-size 2018-2-22 5:06:55
 NO.233  Hello. I was wondering if her head would fit on the 60 cm girl body? Thank you. 2017-12-20 13:00:05
 NO.232  Hi! I wanted to buy Mei but I want her on a Rong double jointed body, is this possible? Thank you! 2017-6-14 7:11:44
 NO.231  Can I get Mei's head on Rong's body? Would it be the same price? 2017-3-16 9:00:25
 NO.230  Hello, I wanted to know if it was possible to get this head on a Rong body and if the eyes are random or if I could choose a pair. Also does the company do custom face up? 2017-2-22
 NO.229  Does this come with the head or do I have to buy it separately? 2016-11-1
 NO.228  Can i buy her with human ears ? the price will be different ? How much is the ship to italy? which size of doll i good for her? thanks! 2016-10-10
 NO.227  hello , how much is the shipping to germany ? does she has normal skin in the body preview ? and is the makeup like in the first picture or like in the others because i fell like the eyebrows are different ? thank you :) 2016-4-4
 NO.226  How much is shipping to Chile? What is included with the doll? Will i be able to get her in human ears instead? thank you! 2016-2-2
 NO.225  This is limited ? Or just sale one doll?? Please answer because i want to buy her - Vietnamese - 2015-12-14
 NO.224  Hi what size eyes does she take? 2015-10-14
 NO.223  how much will it cost to ship it to United Kingdom? Will i be able to get her in human ears instead? Can the face up be changed a litte? as in black eyebrows and lips the colour as in the last picture? Thank you . 2015-9-30
 NO.222  Hi! If it possible to do this doll head on Yao's body with hooves? Thank you. 2015-9-26
 NO.221  Would it be possible to put the arms and legs from the Rong body onto the torso of the 1/4 girl body? 2015-9-10
 NO.220  could I have just the head? Of course I'm not planning on buying one until next year, but I want to know if just the head is available anywhere since I already have a completed Mei doll and I want to have an extra head for her to put a fancy faceup on. 2015-6-21
 NO.219  I was wondering where I can buy Mei's wig. It is very suitable for her but I can't seem to find it anywhere. I would also know if I can get her head on Rong's body 2015-6-9
 NO.218  Hello, I was wondering what color eyes Mei comes with? 2015-6-6
 NO.217  Can I get Mei's head on Rong girl body all in tan? Also how much is shipping to United States and how long will it take? 2015-5-25
 NO.216  Hello! How much is the shipping to Germany and will the wig Mei wears in the pictures be purchasable again? If so could you estimate when it will be in stock again? Thank you very much! 2015-3-5
 NO.215  what wig is this? i would love to purchase her but only with the wig in the photo and can i see a picture of her body clothed and unclothed? 2015-2-24
 NO.214  No.213 I have the Mei doll in the Normal skin and I'd be happy to send you photos of her actual body if you'd like? 2015-2-14
 NO.213  Hi! If it is possible could you show me pictures of the characters full body? I am very interested in buying this doll ^.^ 2015-1-28
 NO.212  I'm interested in buying a mei doll, can you tell me the cost, with face up, in English pounds and the cost of postage please? 2015-1-9
 NO.211  No.209 - The human eared version of Mei is Ya. This skin color in this picture is white. 2015-1-3
 NO.210  Hello how much would be the shipping cost to Italy? 2014-12-27
 NO.209  Hi! Is there a human version of this? is this a normal skin or white skin in the picture? 2014-12-24
 NO.208  Would it be impossible for Mei to come in a dark tan? 2014-12-11
 NO.207  hello yes i was wondering is there any way to purchase faster shipping? 2014-12-11
 NO.206  Doll be sent out a month or so, then EMS to normal within 7 days of the United States ,Thanks  2014-12-5
 NO.205  hello! I was wondering how long this doll takes to ship to California? Also, are her eyes interchangeable? Thank you! 2014-12-4
 NO.204  Hi! How long is the waiting time before delivery for Mei in tan skin please?  2014-10-14
 NO.203  can i have mei's head with boy body ? 2014-9-6
 NO.202  Is is possible to buy Mei with double jointed knees, elbows, and wrists, but the same one piece torso? 2014-8-29
 NO.201  Is it possible to request custom makeup for this doll? 2014-8-29
 NO.200  Hello! I was wondering if there is any price difference to buying this doll unstrung/without the official box. Thank you! 2014-8-6
 NO.199  Hello! Is it normal skintone in the promo? 2014-7-16
 NO.198  What is included? 2014-7-13
 NO.197  In the picture is the doll shown with or without makeup? 2014-7-4
 NO.196  NO:190 your favorites are the sum total of all the dolls within your favorites. the price listed by the doll is what you would be paying. 2014-4-17
 NO.195  День добрый вам из Украины. Сколько будет доставка в Одессу? 2014-3-2
 NO.194  How much is shipping to Toronto, Canada? 2014-2-26
 NO.193  How much will it be shipping cost to New Zealand? 2013-12-23
 NO.192   Good morning. Is it possible to have a different than the bjd mei make-up? Because I is not no conaissance in make-up but I do not like the make-up of the bjd mei can you tell me that it would be possible to do it another make-up for my taste? thank you :)  2013-11-28
 NO.191  Hello. Is it possible to see a picture of the bodie, not just the head? Thank you. 2013-11-26
 NO.190  Hey, totally new to bjds but when it shows the price of $150, but when I favorited it the price changed to $800, I wanted to know which is the real price and is it in US dollars? 2013-10-30
 NO.189  She can send with blues eyes ? 2013-10-22
 NO.188  Hi I was wondering if I buy her is she going to look like the picture? Also do you know where i could purchase the wig she has on? 2013-10-15
 NO.187  Why do you call the elves "evil spirits"? Its not the same 2013-9-23
 NO.186  Hello id like to know how much it would cost for mei head and rong body + shipping to california USA please :) or just mei +shipping. -Thank you! 2013-9-11
 NO.185  How much would it be to ship her to UK. Also, I can purchase other bodies later, right? 2013-8-26
 NO.184  how long would it take in delivery time to the uk 2013-8-18
 NO.183  182--she comes bald and with random colored acrylic eyes which can be changed out. 181 & 180--her default body is single jointed, but you can get this head on the double jointed body by ordering Rong then putting your different head choice in the comments section. Hybrid dolls go by the cost of the doll who's body you want since the body is more expensive. 2013-6-27
 NO.182  hey, does she come with hair, dumb question but :s and can I change her eyes? 2013-5-29
 NO.181  Helo! im wondering if she are dubel jointed :) 2013-5-14
 NO.180  Hi, is it possible to order Mei's head with Rongs body? Thank you. 2013-5-11
 NO.179  Hi! I just wanna know how long it will get to Russia in St.Petersburg? What are the costs of the shipment to Russia? Is there any free shipment? 2013-4-9
 NO.178  Сколько стоит доставка в новосибирск,с макияжем,базовой комплектации белого цвета в российских рублях? 2013-4-3
 NO.177  Hello, is it possible to get the Mei head on a Rong body and would it cost extra? 2013-1-29
 NO.176  Hi, is it possible to get Mei on Rong's body, and would it cost extra? 2013-1-21
 NO.175  Hello. How much does the shipping cost to Sweden? :33 And how long does it take for her to arrive? Thanks :D 2012-12-22
 NO.174  Is it possible to request specific things (for example a certain lip color) when ordering makeup? 2012-12-21
 NO.173  how much time shipping to Russia,Krasnodar and how much it will cost? 2012-11-5
 NO.172  how much time shipping to Russia, Yekaterinburg and how much it will cost? 2012-10-18
 NO.171  Voiko Mein l鋒ett滗 suomeen?? Can Mei ship in Finland??  2012-10-14
 NO.170  How much is shipping?? I want Mei... ♥♥♥ 2012-10-14
 NO.169  Mei doesn t come with a face-up... You can byu face-up, 10$us :) Mei is beautiful... 2012-10-14
 NO.168  I would like to but mei for my first bjd. Is it a good choice for first bjd or should I buy Bao instead of mei? >.< And does mei comes with her face-up? I would like to do the face-up myself, so can we choose that? Thank you. 2012-10-13
 NO.167  guys, and how much will it cost to Moscow shipping? 2012-10-2
 NO.166  What is the measurement of her feet ? I'd like to order shoes while I wait for her? Thank you 2012-9-29
 NO.165  Are the eyes easily changeable? Thank you 2012-9-29
 NO.164  How long does she take to ship? W/makeup- and what would shipping be to Calif. 92886- Thank you 2012-9-29
 NO.163  wondered where I could see Mei's body 2012-9-28
 NO.162  I just want to say that my little Mei arrived safely and I love her, she is so delicate and her finishing is perfect. If you're thinking of ordering her, you will not be disappointed! 2012-8-9
 NO.161  How much is the cost of delivery to Ukraine more precisely in Mariupol? 2012-7-31
 NO.160  If you're worried about overseas postage, look for a Resinsoul dealer in the USA. Denver Doll Emporium is one. 2012-6-7
 NO.159  Mei wears a 6-7 wig and 14-16 mm eyes. 2012-6-7
 NO.158  How much does she cost to ship to new york(usa)? Also what size wig does she wear? Thanks :) 2012-5-22
 NO.157  I was wondering if things shipped from china can get to mexico without paying alot of extra money? Because my dad said it would cost us alot so he doesnt want to get MEI for me :( Are resinsoul dolls shipped from china? If not pardon my ignorance TT^TT -hugs xx Mai 2012-5-13
 NO.156  Hello, I'm from Argentina, I really want to buy Mei. Is her price in US dollars?? What are the shipping costs to Argentina? 2012-4-30
 NO.155  Hello, I am interested in Mei doll. Do you ship to Greece and if yes, how much is the shipping please? Also inform please me of the eyes size and wig size. Thank you. 2012-4-24
 NO.154  hi id like to order mei. how much is the shipping to philippines how many days does the doll to be process? thank you 2012-4-10
 NO.153  No, the wig is not included. A pair of random eyes is included, may not be the same as in the photo. 2012-4-4
 NO.152  How much would shipping be to US area code 25703? 2012-3-25
 NO.151  Please tell me, how much will be the shipping to Poland? (Warsaw) 2012-2-27
 NO.150  Hi! Wig and the eye is included? 2012-2-16
 NO.149  Sorry! I mean to say, a picture of the 1/4 scale girl doll, which Mei is. 2012-2-15
 NO.148  To see Mei's body go to the menu on the side of the page, click on "Doll parts" and then "Doll parts-02". There's a pic of the 40 cm girl doll there. 2012-2-15
 NO.147  Great Price. What does her body look like? Mei is absolutely beautiful but I'm curious about her body and elf ears. I'm not a big fan of elf ears but I think its not that noticeable. 2012-1-28
 NO.146  the eye size from mei are 14mm-16mm 2012-1-27
 NO.145  What size are her eyes? Thank you 2012-1-18
 NO.144  Can you get a Mei head on a Li slim body with faceup? What would the price be?Thank you 2012-1-18
 NO.143  No, this head would not fit a 58cm body. She is only 42cm tall which is MSD scale. 2011-12-30
 NO.142  does her head look Good on a 58cm body? 2011-12-22
 NO.141  Hello. Would it be possible to order Mei on male body? Would the neck fit? Thank you for the answer. 2011-12-15
 NO.140  Hi! What is her eye size? Please and thank you <3 2011-11-6
 NO.139  Hello! Please tell me, how much will be the shipping to Russia, Krasnoyarsk? 2011-10-30
 NO.138  How much would it cost to be shipped to Washington state in the USA? And how long? Please respond soon because I'm waiting on the response to get Mei! She'll be my first doll so I'm really exited!!! 2011-10-28
 NO.137  I'm in the USA. Mei would be my first doll and I'm really really exited. My only question is how long would it take for her to get here? 2011-10-28
 NO.136  Hello, was wondering, is it possible to pay via paypal, how much would it cost to ship to the UK, and how long would she roughly to take to arrive?:) 2011-10-20
 NO.135  quizzes to know how the shipping goes to Chile? 2011-10-7
 NO.134  I really want a Mei in sky blue but i was wondering dose her head fit on the double jointed body because i don't buy msd single jointed. 2011-10-7
 NO.133  What size are the eyes she has in? 2011-9-23
 NO.132  I love this doll quite a lot and I'm planning on possibly buying her, but unless the wig she's currently wearing in the pictures restocks soon, I won't be buying her :/ 2011-9-23
 NO.131  No, the wig and outfit are not included. A random pair of eyes will be included, but they will not necessarily be these.. 2011-9-2
 NO.130  hi, does the wig and clothes come with this Mei doll? and the eyes that r in the picture come with her too right? Thanks^^ 2011-9-2
 NO.129  Hello would it be possible to just order a Mai head? If so what price would it be? And what would shipping to the US be? 2011-8-23
 NO.128  I would like to know how much will be the shipping fees for Mei to Spain? Thanks:)) 2011-7-4
 NO.127  I was wondering if I could have her with red eyes. Hope so!! 2011-6-22
 NO.126  Hello! Firstly I wanted to ask you, if is it possible to ship her in Russia(Moscow) and if it's possible how much will it cost? And also I wanted to ask if i choose "with makeup" I'll get makeup like on photo, or there is random makeup? Thank you **  2011-6-5
 NO.125  Hello! Can I ask if Mei can have a male body? Thanks! 2011-5-24
 NO.124  I ordered my Mei doll March 31st. Today is April 30th, I was wondering when she would arrive? I live in the USA (MI) to be exact. So when should I be expecting her? 2011-5-1
 NO.123  а в Укрину в Мариуполь пришлют? 2011-4-27
 NO.122  I'm so excited to get my Mei. I ordered her at the end of last month and I've been counting down the days til she arrives. All my extra items I ordered from another store have arrived for her. I got a Wig-red/black, some eyelashes, and 2 pairs of eyes. One of the pairs are cat eyes and the other is duo tone purple/pink color. I'm so excited to customize her Mei-(Bella Rose) My first doll is going to be amazing. Thank you for making such beautiful dolls, ResinSoul<3 (: 2011-4-17
 NO.121  HI, how long is the ship to france ? thanks 2011-4-14
 NO.120  I'm getting Mei with a blue wig at the end of this month. I can't wait to get her (: 2011-4-3
 NO.119  All that delays the sending to chile-santiago?¿?¿ 2011-3-31
 NO.118  is she double jointed? 2011-3-5
 NO.117  If I choose "no makeup", will I still get a faceup? I'm confused... O_o 2011-2-7
 NO.116  If I'd ever buy a bjd doll I'd defenitly choose Mei. I don't know if I'll ever buy it, but you can always dream. :P 2011-2-7
 NO.115  It looks like that picture of the doll is with a faceup. If that one didn't have a faceup it would be completely white with no pink lips, no lashes, no rosy cheeks, no eyebrow color, etc... 2011-2-7
 NO.114  Is the doll on the picture with or without make up? Thanks. 2011-2-6
 NO.113  Lovely doll! How much is the shipping fee to Philippines and how many days will it arrive if i buy it today? Thanks 2011-2-2
 NO.112  Hello! If possible this Mei whit Rong body? thanks! 2011-2-2
 NO.111  Can you have a Mei head on the immature Li body? Thank you 2011-1-29
 NO.110  I spoke with a lady who owns one in the Bobobie forum, because I was wondering the exact same thing. She uses 14 - 16 mm eyes in her Mei. She said the larger the eye the more child like she will appear. The smaller the eye the more mature and wise she appears. Those were her words, but... 2011-1-27
 NO.109  Which size do Mai´s eyes have? Sory, but I couldn´t find any informations in the internet abaout that... Greets Yve 2010-12-19
 NO.108  Mei is absolutely beautiful! I just received her today and she is beyond stunning. it took about a month to get her (I live in the US). Defiantly worth getting! 2010-12-15
 NO.107  Hi is there any change the mei head can come with a male body? if so i'd like to buy one for sure! thanks 2010-12-3
 NO.106  Hello, I love Mei. Does she have double jointed body? Is she good poser? Thank you,k 2010-11-22
 NO.105  I dont think i understand.. ó_ò every time I click contine shipping .. then it dissapear?? 2010-11-15
 NO.104  Number 103, How long did it take for resinsoul to ship? Infact I am getting a resinsoul bei. Thanks 2010-11-10
 NO.103  My Girl arrived today thank you. She is just beautifull, much nicer than I expected. She has very fine features and her face up is lovely. I am extremely happy with both my purchases and I cannot wait to order more. Order was also sent packaged very well and was completed in good time. Thank you 2010-11-6
 NO.102  Hello, I'm interested in a Rong body (doll02-42 cm) with the MEI head ? Is it the same with the SON or JU head ? Regards, David 2010-11-1
 NO.101  I know this was asked already.. How much would delivery to Los Angeles, California be? 2010-11-1
 NO.100  Dear Sun, tried to email you...was returned undeliverable. just a note of thanks for arrival of Mei,Ju, and Rong. (201097211751) They are very beautiful. 2010-10-18
 NO.99  Second time purchasing a doll from RS, but I was wondering if it was possible to purchase Mei with a male body instead of a female. 2010-10-9
 NO.98  I was wondering how to find out when my purple Mei will be shipped. Thank you. 2010-10-5
 NO.97  I was wondering how much the shipping would be to the USA if I got the Mei with different colored skin and makeup? I want to hopefully order my Mei within the week and really need to go before going to the back because if I can manage my money I may be able to buy my friend's doll as well. Also,is it possible to get the Mei with a male body instead? I would love her either way but was simply wondering. Okay enough with my questions! 2010-9-27
 NO.96  I am checking to see if my order was received. I never get an answer from the admin email, and it is a present for my daughter. Also, if anyone is interested in a comparison, I have a Mei from Resinsoul and just received a Sprite from Bobobi. The quality and the style of the body does not even come close to comparing.The Resinsoul doll made my heart sing, and the Bobobi was a big disappointment. The body shape was much prettier and the detail in the face and nose was much more defined in the Resinsoul. This is a beautiful, beautiful doll. Even the eyes were a better quality. Do you sell wholesale? Thank you for a beautiful doll. 2010-9-20
 NO.95  Greetings. Do you deliver door to door to Buenos Aires Argentina? Mei includes wig? thank you very much 2010-9-18
 NO.94  What size are her eyes? 2010-9-3
 NO.93  I know this has been asked but please, do you sell the head separately? For how much? Also, can we still pay for a face-up and receive the eyes that come with her? :D Please respond! 2010-8-28
 NO.92  Um, whoever asked NO.11, I had that issue too. But when you add her to your shopping cart, she goes right back to being $140. ^^ 2010-8-26
 NO.91  I was the person who sent the last comment so here is my e-mail. midorimoon@live.com please e-mail me back.  2010-8-22
 NO.90  Hello. How much would it cost to ship it to new york, and if you could e-mail me and tell me if when i order Mei, you could make her eye color green? Thank you. 2010-8-22
 NO.89  Hi i wanted to know if its possible to make this doll into a 58cm size? and how much it would be to ship to Ohio 2010-8-22
 NO.88  do you make shipping to venezuela? 2010-8-17
 NO.87  Hi!I wanted to know if you send the doll to the Poland? If so, I wanted to know how much shipping would cost? And one more thing if I could ask for undervaluation contents of the parcel?  2010-8-10
 NO.86  I would say the doll is white skin in these photos. :) 2010-8-8
 NO.85  can someone please answer this question for me.. What color is mei in both of the pictures? 2010-8-6
 NO.84  How much would it cost to ship it to maryland and do mei come with a wig? so i can know..please i need to know this infomation x]! 2010-8-6
 NO.83  Hey, how much is the shipping to Denmark 2010-7-27
 NO.82  How much is the shipping to Brazil? Thx 2010-7-27
 NO.81  hello! what would be the shipping cost to canada? thank you~ 2010-7-26
 NO.80  If I order make up with Mei, would it be possible to request her eyebrows pointing a bit down toward the middle for a more serious look? 2010-7-24
 NO.79  how many dolls are where? 2010-7-8
 NO.78  wow! many people who wants to buy this doll O.o 2010-7-6
 NO.77  Hi! I'd like to know how long does it take to you to ship her from the moment I place an order. Than you! 2010-7-4
 NO.76  Hi Sun, I wanted to say my order 20106251915 is well arrived. Very nice and many thanks but the mail to admin@resinsoul.com failed: Reporting-MTA: dns; orange.fr X-SMTP-Server-Queue-ID: F3F0F80007F0 X-SMTP-Server-Sender: rfc822; francis.girault@orange.fr Arrival-Date: Sat, 3 Jul 2010 12:15:17 +0200 (CEST) Final-Recipient: rfc822; admin@resinsoul.com Action: failed Status: 5.0.0 Remote-MTA: dns; mail.resinsoul.com Diagnostic-Code: smtp; 551 is listed in RBL(www.anti-spam.org.cn) please see http://www.anti-spam.org.cn/Rbl/Query/Result?IP= Regards, Francis Girault 2010-7-3
 NO.75  Hi! I was wondering, if I ordered Mei with sky blue skin and with a face-up, would the face-up be more blue-toned, or would it be the exact same colors in the face-up on the white skinned Mei? Thanks! 2010-6-26
 NO.74  I was told by someone that your dolls come with a carrying bag as well..is this true? Would definetly love to see more human heads, I love Mei and Ju, but there is no comparable human head in 42cm doll. lan has narrower face. 2010-6-22
 NO.73  Hi my question is : how much is the shipping to germany? 2010-6-21
 NO.72  Thank you for your answer! 2010-6-9
 NO.71  hello, Mei to Russia and Ukraine freight is $32, the doll is usually sent out within a month, the price include a set of body and head, a pair of eyes, and a doll handbag for free, not including wig, we now accept the Paypal payment, Thank you  2010-6-8
 NO.70  Hello again. I'm still waiting your answer my question: how much costs shipping to Ukraine? And how long it would take? Pleeeeeease, answer!  2010-6-7
 NO.69  Hello Very beautiful doll! How much will delivery to Russia (St. Petersburg)? What are the delivery terms? What payment methods? The set fhodit wig? The doll comes in not a whole state? Sorry for bad english) If it is not clear, write on email! try to fix! 2010-6-6
 NO.68  I want to buy Mei. And so, I want to know how much costs shipping to Ukraine? And how long it would take? 2010-5-31
 NO.67  we can give you the whole body photograph of Mei,and she to US's freight is $24, the eyes color is random. --you can directly order online, 2010-5-27
 NO.66  How can I buy Mei? I really like her. Nona Rogero 2010-5-24
 NO.65  fewe questions, one do you have a picture of her whole body. two what is the shipping cost to Maryland, USA. And three do you chose the eye color or is it random. 2010-5-21
 NO.64  Hello! How long do you think it would take to ship Mei to Louisiana? (U.S.) She's beautiful! 2010-5-16
 NO.63  Mei's eye size 14mm, it does not with eyelashes, the doll's default make-up is the same as the image,Thank you, 2010-5-4
 NO.62  What size are Mei's eyes? Does she come with eyelashes? What is a brief description of Mei's faceup? 2010-5-2
 NO.61  And what is the method of payment? And how to wait for a doll? 2010-4-21
 NO.60  "color" option refers to the skin color selection, our company have no human ear MEI recently.Thank you!  2010-4-13
 NO.59  Hi! I've got a couple doubts. What do you refer to in "colour" in the options? Eye's or skin colour? And, Is there a Mei with human ears? Thanks! 2010-4-12
 NO.58  The freight of Mei to Sweden and Spain is the same of $ 27, the MEI Bobobie sales is the same as our company's Mei.Thank you! 2010-2-25
 NO.57  Is this the same as the Bobobie Mei girl? 2010-2-19
 NO.56  I was wondering how much shipping to sweden would cost,also what size of wigs fit Mei? 2010-2-14
 NO.55  Hi How much it cost shipping to Spain? Thanx. 2010-2-1
 NO.54  Mei is so beautiful i foto my new girl foto - here http://enorny.livejournal.com/211524.html Thanks you!! for my beauty 2010-1-31
 NO.53  What are the costs of the shipment to Spain? 2009-12-28
 NO.52  Hello, everybody, this is just a place receiving comment on some products, we will pay attention to the proposals and opinions of our products. If you have questions, please write to our e-mail admin@resinsoul.com. we will reply as soon as possible, thank you  2009-12-17
 NO.51  Hi I'm interested in buying mei as this will be my first bjd , I don't want to make any mistake so as per my understanding (sorry I'm french) Mei will be delivered with body, head, eyes. I will have to buy clothes and wig separately I also need to ask for a face make-up if I want one : pls confirm that this will be the one on the picture ? is there any possibility to ask for a customed face make up ? as far as eyes color , please confirm if there will be the same also as per the picture or if we can choose a particular color ? thanks awaiting to hear from you L 2009-12-15
 NO.50  I ordered Mey which was taken off from a sale...can you send this doll of normal skin? Or that to do me? in my order a mess is incomprehensible in general, there is one wig to the amount of 198 dollars! 2009-11-27
 NO.49  здравствуйте, я пробывала заказать через систему paypal, но заказ не прошел по какой то причине. А можно произвести оплату используя карту Visa на прямую? Спасибо. 2009-11-26
 NO.48  Is there a version with human ears? 2009-11-21
 NO.47  This picture is MEI white skin and company's default make-up. Thanks  2009-11-14
 NO.46  Is this Mei the White skin tone? If so, has she been blushed? If not, what tone is it? Is this the basic faceup for her? Thanks! 2009-11-14
 NO.45  Здравствуйте я хочу заказать у Вас эту куклу,с макияжем и белым цветом тела, сколько будет стоить доставка? мой индекс 95050 2009-11-13
 NO.44  Здравствуйте. Хочу заказать эту куколку. 2009-11-4
 NO.43  Hello I'd like to know which of the wigs you have in stock fit Mei's head. Thank you. 2009-10-29
 NO.42  Which eyes' size is on this promo-photo? 14 or 16 mm? 2009-10-22
 NO.41  what do you mean with"Oh,Mei is the ear of evil spirit. " 2009-9-28
 NO.40  Hello, how are you? Where can I buy Mei's Wig (like on the picture)? I love this doll but I would like the wig too! Thanks~~ 2009-9-27
 NO.39  are you planning on making a version of Mei with human ears in the nearest future? 2009-9-24
 NO.38  I'm sorry. We don't selling this wig like the picture. 2009-8-28
 NO.37  Where can I find the wig on the picture? 2009-8-28
 NO.36  How much is the shipping to Finland? 2009-8-19
 NO.35  hi! I was wondering about Mei's make-up. If I want a make up, will you do the make up i want or is there some kinda make up for Mei allready? And what sized wigs will fit to Mei? 2009-8-19
 NO.34  Я хотела бы заказать у вас эту прекрасную куклу. 2009-8-12
 NO.33  I would like her to be cast as the dark tan color, similar to chocolate! She is very beautiful! Thank you very much for your wonderful dolls! 2009-8-7
 NO.32  I would like her to be cast in the dark tan color please, similar to chocolate! :3 Thank you so much! and if it's possible, would I be able to have pink eyes with her? Thank you for your wonderful dolls! Have a nice day! 2009-8-6
 NO.31  Hi, i'm wondering if you can post pictures of her body? I want to see how her body makeup is, and I can't tell whether or not her ears are pointed with the current wig she has on 2009-7-27
 NO.30  Hia there:D I'm wondering if the Colour bar means Mei's skin or her Makeup? And how much is the shipping to England and Sweden? 2009-7-21
 NO.29  Hi. I'm also wondering what the difference between this Mei (8016) and the other Mei (8017) is. Thank you. :) 2009-7-17
 NO.28  Hello! Do you sell the head seperately, and if so, for how much? How does the head comes, in a carrierbag or not? Just wonder, ^_^ 2009-7-10
 NO.27  Oh,Mei is the ear of evil spirit. We have our own eyes can be ordered,in 'Eyes'.Thank you!It only can order our company's products here.Thanks!  2009-6-12
 NO.26  Can I order some bobobie goods when I order my mei? 2009-6-12
 NO.25  How much would be the shipping to Spain? Also, do you sell the bobobie eyes? If you do so, can I order a pair with my girl? Thanks! 2009-6-12
 NO.24  Does she has normal ears or elf ears? 2009-6-11
 NO.23  Hi! Do you sell wigs for this doll? I looked in the site but I could't find one. Thanks! 2009-5-21
 NO.22  what's the differance between this Mei and the other one(8017)? thanks. 2009-4-16
 NO.21  Do you sell the head seperatley? Thanks in advance. :) 2009-3-25
 NO.20  Hi! i was wondering what your return policy is. Can i return her to you. Can i only return her if she breaks or something? Also do i get a free carrying case with mei? Thank you! 2009-3-18
 NO.19  How much would shipping cost to California. 2009-3-12
 NO.18  Hello I was wondering if it was possible to get the Mei head on the 1/4 boy body instead of the female one. And also how much would shipping cost to the US (Iowa)? 2009-3-1
 NO.17  Hi. Would it be possible to get this doll with different eyebrows or without any eyebrows at all? 2009-1-26
 NO.16  Hi how much costs shipping to Latvia? (EU). And yes - can i choose eyes for her? Thank you a lot for answer! 2009-1-19
 NO.15  Where can I find clothes for this doll? 2009-1-14
 NO.14  Hello Can I ask you to put this doll the eyes I want? Thank you for your answer. 2009-1-6
 NO.13  Hi, can i ask you the shipping price to Hungary? Can you tell me the differance between this Mei and the other (8017).  2008-11-19
 NO.12  Hi, I have a few questions :P Is there a picture of the resin colours? Especially 'coffee' What size are her eyes? How much is shipping to Australia? Can I get the wig in the picture? 2008-11-4
 NO.11  Sorry for double-posting, but why is there a difference between the price mentioned on this page and the price shown on my "favourite"-page? Here the price is 140$, on the "favourite"-page it is 800$! 2008-10-24
 NO.10  Hi! ^^ I'd like to know whether the eyes (size?) and the wig are included in the price and what's meant by "color" (possibility to choose under "Makeup"). She's so lovely <3 ^-^ 2008-10-24
 NO.9  Hello! I just wanted to know how much the shipping to Germany is and if it is possible to get a similar wig to the one she´s wearing on this pictures? <3 Thank you. 2008-10-13
 NO.8  Hello I was wondering if it is possible to get a white resin Mei with a less mature body? 2008-9-25
 NO.7  Al natural es preciosa, me llego hoy, NS y es perfecta, una elfita encantadora, me encanta. Servicio inmejorable. 2008-9-17
 NO.6  How does Mei's complexion compare to that of a Bobobie white? Would they match fairly close? Thank you much! 2008-9-13
 NO.5  Hello! What's the shipping to france? thanks 2008-9-9
 NO.4  with red or blue eyes 2008-9-8
 NO.3  I was wondering what size eyes does she take, please :) 2008-8-11
 NO.2  All the bodies are equal? only differ in height? Thanks^^ 2008-8-5
 NO.1  Does this doll come on the 40cm girl body or is there a 42 cm body? 2008-8-5
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