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Add:Home >> Products >> 40-50cm Doll >> 40cm Doll-01 >> lan
  Product Name: lan
Product No.: 8003
Member Price: $135.00
Weight: 750 g

She is a girl of 40cm tall what we recently launched,including one head , one 1/4girl body, one pair of PMMA eyes and our packaging. The body figures are as follows:





HEAD SIZE 14.5cm



CHEST 15.5cm

WAIST 11cm

HIP 17cm

 NO.32  Can, please write to admin@resinsoul.com 2014/12/5
 NO.31  Is it possible to get only the head of this doll in dark chocolate? I purchased a used body without a head and have been having trouble matching the color. 2014/12/3
 NO.30  А эта кукла с одеждой продается и с париком? И могут до Эстонии:) 2014/10/8
 NO.29  Do you sell the wig shes wearing? Its awesome and just what I'm looking for!! 2014/8/16
 NO.28  сколько будет стоить эта кукла с мейкапом и париком с доставкой в Россию, свердловскую область? 2014/6/25
 NO.27  So happy with this doll. It's the first BJD i've ever ordered, and it looks SO much prettier than the pictures. :) 2014/6/22
 NO.26  This doll is the most beautifull I've ever seen! Her face is realistic, she is alive. Photos on site don't show her fantastic beauty 2014/4/7
 NO.25  How much will this doll + makeup + wig, as it is now in the picture + delivery to Ukraine (Kiev)? 2013/4/8
 NO.24  Сколько будет стоить эта кукла + парик, как сейчас на картинке + доставка в Украину (Киев) 2013/4/5
 NO.23  Hello! I would like to know how much sheeping of thas doll to Ukrain will cost! I am looking forward to your answer. Tanya. 2013/1/9
 NO.22  сколько будет стоить доставка в Россию (Самара) 2012/10/30
 NO.21  How much is it in male? And does the pic include makeup?  2012/7/19
 NO.20  OMG Is there a MALE version of this girl? And how much is shipping to US? AND HOW LONG WILL SHE BE FOR SALE? 2012/7/19
 NO.19  Hello ResinSoul. I just wanna to ask you about Lan head on Rong body . I like the double jointed girl with small head.Can I order and how much it cost if I buy that hybrid? please contact me asap, Thank you. 2012/7/1
 NO.18  I have this doll in white, and she is the most beautiful doll I have ever seen. I can't stop looking at her, 2012/1/13
 NO.17  O4en' ho4u takuju kukolku :) Ona 4udesnaja :) 2011/11/23
 NO.16  Does she come with the clothes and hair? 2011/6/20
 NO.15  Would you know how much this body would cost with a wig shipped to the USA, preferable Michigan by any chance? 2011/3/9
 NO.14  Hello. I want to know how much is this doll + wig which in this photo, shipping to Russia? 2011/1/17
 NO.13  Hello. I want to know how much is this doll + wig which in this photo, shipping to Ukraine. Do you mark the package as a gift with lower value? Thank you. 2011/1/7
 NO.12  Her eye colour is purple (E-001 I think) and if you order her they choose the eye colour randomly but I think you can ask them to choose the eye colour you want 2010/12/13
 NO.11  Does the wig in the picture come with her, if not do you sell it and how much is it? Also what color are the eyes in the picture and do they come with her? Thank you. 2010/2/3
 NO.10  What size eyes does she take? :)  2009/9/14
 NO.9  I was wondering if it was possible if I could get pictures of all the different skin tones for Lan, and what size her eyes are? 2009/7/28
 NO.8  Is there any chane of seeing a side view of her body (without clothes)??? Also what does she look like with normal skin as I have only seen her with white skin... 1 more question, how much is postage to the UK??? 2009/7/25
 NO.7  Do you sell the wig pictured here? If not, can you please tell me where I can get it, it looks perfect on Lan! 2009/6/11
 NO.6  Hi, I would like to order this doll but need to clarify some questions: 1) what wig size is suitible for her head? 2) can i ask you for specific eeyes color? 3) How long is processinfg time? Thank you in advance.  2009/5/12
 NO.5  I really wish a neutral gray was in your color choices light would be fine as she is lovely but in gray would be stunning. I know your now working with a darker red resin on some of your dolls. If you ever decide to add gray to the lineup it would be amazing. i know there are several dolls i would have my eye on then. especially the elfs for shadow and dark elves. the lilac is just too purple even with blushing. but your dolls are beautiful and keep up the good work. I love the ones i have currently. 2009/4/15
 NO.4  Hello! I would like to know, how much is shipping to Germany? And do you mark the package as a gift with lower value? Thank you in advance! Veronika 2008/11/10
 NO.3  Is her eyes purple ? If not can I get them ? Thanks .....Amy 2008/9/21
 NO.2  Is it possible to have nude pics ? She seems to be really beautiful ! 2008/9/4
 NO.1  I love this doll can you post pics of her without clothing so we can see the body sculpt.  2008/8/18
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