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Add:Home >> Products >> 20-30cm Doll >> 27cm Doll-01 >> Bei
  Product Name: Bei
Product No.: 8004
Member Price: $100.00
Weight: 400 g

She is a girl of 27cm tall what we recently launched,including one head , one 1/6girl body, one pair of PMMA eyes and our packaging. The body figures are as follows:








CHEST 10.5cm

WAIST 8.5cm

HIP 12cm



 NO.69  Hello i'm wondering if she comes with a more mature body? 2016-8-4
 NO.68  hello! I was wondering if you might be able to tell me how much shipping would be to Canada? 2015-12-13
 NO.67  Can Bei be purchased with the Zi body? 2015-11-29
 NO.66  What size eye does Bei have? 2015-3-4
 NO.65  How much to ship to korea? 2015-2-21
 NO.64  Could you please tell me how much it would cost to send her to Adelaide, Australia 5113 Thank you Andrea 2013-9-27
 NO.63  Can I order head only, in tan? 2013-8-24
 NO.62  EXCUSE ME: PEOPLE WHO ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT HORNS COME HERE. Answer: Those are elf ears. She has no horns, lol. 2013-2-5
 NO.61  How well does Bei hold a pose? And can she pose a variety or just simple poses? 2013-1-23
 NO.60  Я бы очень хотела купить эту девочку. Но ни разу не делала заказ за границу. Кака это сделать? 2013-1-9
 NO.59  What size shoes can she wear ? 2012-12-22
 NO.58  Hi No. 57, I'd consider looking at wigs for 1/6 scale figures. Volks and Obitsu carry wigs for their 26-28 cm dolls that might be better for this tiny scale. 2012-10-13
 NO.57  What size shoes can she wear ? And does anyone know where I can get her a wig (she's a size 5 and a half) 2012-9-7
 NO.56  She fits barbie clothes rather nicely.. JUST fyi. :) 2012-8-19
 NO.55  It says she is 100, but then when I go to pay, it is saying in 3 payments. Does this mean that she is really 300? or is it going to split up the 100 into three payments of 33.33? 2012-7-12
 NO.54  I absolutely love this doll size! I have one now and she goes just about everywhere I do and she gets so many complements. However, I would like extra pieces, such as hands in different poses, horns, wings, etc... to spice up things. My doll likes to play dress up! 2012-6-9
 NO.53  is it possible to get her with the dragon parts that Pi and Pixiu have? 2012-6-7
 NO.52  Is there any way to get her with a boys body instead of a girls? If so, how much would it cost? 2012-3-31
 NO.51  How much would it be for JUST the body? 2012-3-9
 NO.50  can i get this doll in dark tan? 2011-9-1
 NO.49  I agree! I would love to see her with hooves!! 2011-8-8
 NO.48  YES! I would definitely be interested in this size doll with hooves. Are there any plans to sculpt hooves in this size??? 2011-7-8
 NO.47  I have to agree it'd be awesome to see hooves in her size. She's very cute! >w< 2011-7-1
 NO.46  I know you guys are fantastic about listening to customer requests. Just wanted to say I think it would be awesome to see a doll in this size with hooves, too! :D 2011-5-31
 NO.45  How much are the shipping cost to spain? Thank You 2011-3-30
 NO.44  Hello! Can you tell me, please, whether the planned new dolls in this section? 2011-2-2
 NO.43  If anyone needs to ask further questions about this doll, the company's email is admin@resinsoul.com (Contact Us) and will immediately respond back, thank you and have a nice day (or any of our other products)! 2010-12-16
 NO.42  Does anybody know where I can buy clothes for her? Thank you! 2010-12-13
 NO.41  Can this doll have human ears instead of elf ears? Thank you! 2010-12-13
 NO.40  How much does shipping cost to Canada? 2010-12-12
 NO.39  Is there a store in Toronto, Ontario, Canada by any chance? 2010-12-12
 NO.38  For the makeup option, is the makeup shown in the example the one given or does the customer have an opinion in how the makeup looks? 2010-12-6
 NO.37  My Girl arrived today, I am extremely happy, she is so sweet looking, much nicer than in her pictures, she has a real innocent look. Her face up is also lovely. Thank you 2010-11-6
 NO.36  This little one is so cute, how much is the shipping cost to France? 2010-10-15
 NO.35  Does W-4007 fit Bei? The wig will not ad to cart 2010-10-12
 NO.34  Hello I have a few questions ... first of all, where (country) is this store ...¿? because, I'm very interested in the doll (BEI -product number: 8004-) makeup, skin normal. 1. I wonder if they can offer also a sleeping face (makeup) 2. I wonder if it comes with blue eyes in the photo, 3. I wonder if you have supplies in Mexico, 4. I wonder how many would it take to send it, after confirming the payment. 5. I wonder what forms of payment accepted. Also, I am interested in adding to purchase two wigs (w-8010 and w-4203) and other eye (E-007), I would like a full budget. and also like to know if I get a package tracking number. 2010-10-11
 NO.33  It would be great to see Bei with more pics. Would it be possible to take more? 1 Pic is definatly not enough. Thank you! 2010-10-8
 NO.32  would it possible to buy bei with bao's body (boy body)? 2010-9-12
 NO.31  Thank you for considering the closed eye head! 2010-8-6
 NO.30  ok, we will consider your suggestion, to make a Bei with her eyes shut, thank you  2010-7-23
 NO.29  Would you consider making a closed eye Bei? I love her, but if she had a sleeping head I'd buy her! 2010-7-21
 NO.28  Bei to Russia freight is $25,The wig price is $15,Thank you! 2010-6-17
 NO.27  Is it possible to deliver this doll to Russia and how much it will cost? And how much does her wig cost? Thank you 2010-6-11
 NO.26  How much are the shipping cost to spain? Thank You 2010-6-8
 NO.25  How much would she cost with the wig? 2010-6-8
 NO.24  The listed price IS the price of the basic (bald, naked) doll. The hair/accessories do not come with the doll. Eyes are random and included. 2010-6-2
 NO.23  How much would this doll cost without hair, eyes and that thing round her neck? Please reply. 2010-5-31
 NO.22  What wig size would this doll be? 2010-5-12
 NO.21  when will you PLEASE PLEASE make this size doll with HOOVES....I BEG YOU 2010-5-3
 NO.20  The company's doll do not include clothes and wig , you can find them in the market, the 1/6 doll clothes may be suitable for them.Thank you! 2010-4-2
 NO.19  does she come with clothes? If not where can I get clothes her size? Also does she come with wig? 2010-3-30
 NO.18  How much is the shipping cost to Russia? 2010-3-5
 NO.17  is there no clothes for this little lady? 2009-12-16
 NO.16  she has no horns  2009-12-8
 NO.15  das she comes with the horns? 2009-12-4
 NO.14  Hello, how long will it takes to ship her? 2009-11-12
 NO.13  http://www.resinsoul.com/05-chanpin/p-001-1.asp?id=365 those are not horns, they are coiled braids, part of her wig. 2009-10-5
 NO.12  Does she have magnets (for wings) in her back? 2009-9-5
 NO.11  yes, there was a photo with horns once, but it's been taken down now. 2009-7-5
 NO.10  was there another photo of her that had horns? 2009-6-28
 NO.9  The eyes size of Bei is 12mm  2009-6-15
 NO.8  What size eyes does Bei take? 2009-6-14
 NO.7  She is very pretty! Does she come with those horns? 2009-4-26
 NO.6  omg shes beautiful! does she comes with her horns ?? 2009-3-17
 NO.5  Yes I like to know if the doll comes with the horns? Thank u. 2009-2-15
 NO.4  does she comes with the horns? 2009-1-20
 NO.3  Is this the same as Bobobie's Bei?! Looks the same, just I haven't seen Bobobie's Bei with horns?! 2008-9-5
 NO.2  She's so adorable. I hope she comes with horns. 2008-8-26
 NO.1  What a real cutie! Does she come with those horns or are they extras? 2008-8-13
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