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Add:Home >> Products >> 20-30cm Doll >> 27cm Doll-01 >> Bei
  Product Name: Bei
Product No.: 8004
Member Price: $100.00
Weight: 400 g
  Bei includes a head and a 1/6 girl body,Its specific dimensions are as follows,
Height 27cm
Head size 14cm
Neck size 4.5cm
Shoulder width 5cm
Chest 10.5cm
Waist 8.5cm
Hip 12cm
Arm Lenght 7cm
Leg lenght 14cm
Feet length 4cm 
 NO.72  Does she have full articulation? 2021/3/17 21:32:13
 NO.71  What does her faceup look like? Can she use YoSD proportion 1/6 clothing? Can I please see more pictures of her full body? 2020/7/26 13:40:40
 NO.70  Is coffee the same as light tan? 2019/1/19 10:29:09
 NO.69  Hello i'm wondering if she comes with a more mature body? 2016/8/4
 NO.68  hello! I was wondering if you might be able to tell me how much shipping would be to Canada? 2015/12/13
 NO.67  Can Bei be purchased with the Zi body? 2015/11/29
 NO.66  What size eye does Bei have? 2015/3/4
 NO.65  How much to ship to korea? 2015/2/21
 NO.64  Could you please tell me how much it would cost to send her to Adelaide, Australia 5113 Thank you Andrea 2013/9/27
 NO.63  Can I order head only, in tan? 2013/8/24
 NO.62  EXCUSE ME: PEOPLE WHO ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT HORNS COME HERE. Answer: Those are elf ears. She has no horns, lol. 2013/2/5
 NO.61  How well does Bei hold a pose? And can she pose a variety or just simple poses? 2013/1/23
 NO.60  Я бы очень хотела купить эту девочку. Но ни разу не делала заказ за границу. Кака это сделать? 2013/1/9
 NO.59  What size shoes can she wear ? 2012/12/22
 NO.58  Hi No. 57, I'd consider looking at wigs for 1/6 scale figures. Volks and Obitsu carry wigs for their 26-28 cm dolls that might be better for this tiny scale. 2012/10/13
 NO.57  What size shoes can she wear ? And does anyone know where I can get her a wig (she's a size 5 and a half) 2012/9/7
 NO.56  She fits barbie clothes rather nicely.. JUST fyi. :) 2012/8/19
 NO.55  It says she is 100, but then when I go to pay, it is saying in 3 payments. Does this mean that she is really 300? or is it going to split up the 100 into three payments of 33.33? 2012/7/12
 NO.54  I absolutely love this doll size! I have one now and she goes just about everywhere I do and she gets so many complements. However, I would like extra pieces, such as hands in different poses, horns, wings, etc... to spice up things. My doll likes to play dress up! 2012/6/9
 NO.53  is it possible to get her with the dragon parts that Pi and Pixiu have? 2012/6/7
 NO.52  Is there any way to get her with a boys body instead of a girls? If so, how much would it cost? 2012/3/31
 NO.51  How much would it be for JUST the body? 2012/3/9
 NO.50  can i get this doll in dark tan? 2011/9/1
 NO.49  I agree! I would love to see her with hooves!! 2011/8/8
 NO.48  YES! I would definitely be interested in this size doll with hooves. Are there any plans to sculpt hooves in this size??? 2011/7/8
 NO.47  I have to agree it'd be awesome to see hooves in her size. She's very cute! >w< 2011/7/1
 NO.46  I know you guys are fantastic about listening to customer requests. Just wanted to say I think it would be awesome to see a doll in this size with hooves, too! :D 2011/5/31
 NO.45  How much are the shipping cost to spain? Thank You 2011/3/30
 NO.44  Hello! Can you tell me, please, whether the planned new dolls in this section? 2011/2/2
 NO.43  If anyone needs to ask further questions about this doll, the company's email is admin@resinsoul.com (Contact Us) and will immediately respond back, thank you and have a nice day (or any of our other products)! 2010/12/16
 NO.42  Does anybody know where I can buy clothes for her? Thank you! 2010/12/13
 NO.41  Can this doll have human ears instead of elf ears? Thank you! 2010/12/13
 NO.40  How much does shipping cost to Canada? 2010/12/12
 NO.39  Is there a store in Toronto, Ontario, Canada by any chance? 2010/12/12
 NO.38  For the makeup option, is the makeup shown in the example the one given or does the customer have an opinion in how the makeup looks? 2010/12/6
 NO.37  My Girl arrived today, I am extremely happy, she is so sweet looking, much nicer than in her pictures, she has a real innocent look. Her face up is also lovely. Thank you 2010/11/6
 NO.36  This little one is so cute, how much is the shipping cost to France? 2010/10/15
 NO.35  Does W-4007 fit Bei? The wig will not ad to cart 2010/10/12
 NO.34  Hello I have a few questions ... first of all, where (country) is this store ...¿? because, I'm very interested in the doll (BEI -product number: 8004-) makeup, skin normal. 1. I wonder if they can offer also a sleeping face (makeup) 2. I wonder if it comes with blue eyes in the photo, 3. I wonder if you have supplies in Mexico, 4. I wonder how many would it take to send it, after confirming the payment. 5. I wonder what forms of payment accepted. Also, I am interested in adding to purchase two wigs (w-8010 and w-4203) and other eye (E-007), I would like a full budget. and also like to know if I get a package tracking number. 2010/10/11
 NO.33  It would be great to see Bei with more pics. Would it be possible to take more? 1 Pic is definatly not enough. Thank you! 2010/10/8
 NO.32  would it possible to buy bei with bao's body (boy body)? 2010/9/12
 NO.31  Thank you for considering the closed eye head! 2010/8/6
 NO.30  ok, we will consider your suggestion, to make a Bei with her eyes shut, thank you  2010/7/23
 NO.29  Would you consider making a closed eye Bei? I love her, but if she had a sleeping head I'd buy her! 2010/7/21
 NO.28  Bei to Russia freight is $25,The wig price is $15,Thank you! 2010/6/17
 NO.27  Is it possible to deliver this doll to Russia and how much it will cost? And how much does her wig cost? Thank you 2010/6/11
 NO.26  How much are the shipping cost to spain? Thank You 2010/6/8
 NO.25  How much would she cost with the wig? 2010/6/8
 NO.24  The listed price IS the price of the basic (bald, naked) doll. The hair/accessories do not come with the doll. Eyes are random and included. 2010/6/2
 NO.23  How much would this doll cost without hair, eyes and that thing round her neck? Please reply. 2010/5/31
 NO.22  What wig size would this doll be? 2010/5/12
 NO.21  when will you PLEASE PLEASE make this size doll with HOOVES....I BEG YOU 2010/5/3
 NO.20  The company's doll do not include clothes and wig , you can find them in the market, the 1/6 doll clothes may be suitable for them.Thank you! 2010/4/2
 NO.19  does she come with clothes? If not where can I get clothes her size? Also does she come with wig? 2010/3/30
 NO.18  How much is the shipping cost to Russia? 2010/3/5
 NO.17  is there no clothes for this little lady? 2009/12/16
 NO.16  she has no horns  2009/12/8
 NO.15  das she comes with the horns? 2009/12/4
 NO.14  Hello, how long will it takes to ship her? 2009/11/12
 NO.13  http://www.resinsoul.com/05-chanpin/p-001-1.asp?id=365 those are not horns, they are coiled braids, part of her wig. 2009/10/5
 NO.12  Does she have magnets (for wings) in her back? 2009/9/5
 NO.11  yes, there was a photo with horns once, but it's been taken down now. 2009/7/5
 NO.10  was there another photo of her that had horns? 2009/6/28
 NO.9  The eyes size of Bei is 12mm  2009/6/15
 NO.8  What size eyes does Bei take? 2009/6/14
 NO.7  She is very pretty! Does she come with those horns? 2009/4/26
 NO.6  omg shes beautiful! does she comes with her horns ?? 2009/3/17
 NO.5  Yes I like to know if the doll comes with the horns? Thank u. 2009/2/15
 NO.4  does she comes with the horns? 2009/1/20
 NO.3  Is this the same as Bobobie's Bei?! Looks the same, just I haven't seen Bobobie's Bei with horns?! 2008/9/5
 NO.2  She's so adorable. I hope she comes with horns. 2008/8/26
 NO.1  What a real cutie! Does she come with those horns or are they extras? 2008/8/13
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