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Add:Home >> Products >> 40-50cm Doll >> 44cm Doll-01 >> Song
  Product Name: Song
Product No.: 8002
Member Price: $145.00
Weight: 850 g
CHEST 17.5cm
WAIST 13.5cm
HIP 18.5cm 
 NO.75  Can you make him a 60 cm light tan girl? How much will she cost? How big will her head be? 2021/4/11 6:38:17
 NO.74  Hello is it possible to get him with normal ears? As well as a double jointed body and can I get slightly larger hands and feet? All in sky blue? Thank you! 2020/9/18 5:51:32
 NO.73  could I possibly get some pictures of his full body please and do all of your dolls come with eyes? 2020/9/12 12:03:21
 NO.72  I could buy this one, but I'd like to see some picture of intere body if it's possible 2020/4/21 19:23:48
 NO.71  What size of eyes dose he have? 2018/11/18 11:41:23
 NO.70  What skin tone is he in the picture? 2018/11/11 10:54:23
 NO.69  Are the eyes included? Is this a double jointed body? Thank you! 2018/10/23 4:17:13
 NO.68  Dose he come with a body and if he dose could you please send me some pictures. And if it’s not to much to ask could you maybe send pictures of the normal, white, and coffee skin tone. 2018/9/19 8:47:03
 NO.67  Hello, does he has a double jointed body? If not can I order him with a double jointed body? 2018/1/10 22:16:58
 NO.66  Hi I was wondering how do I order a Song with the double-jointed body? 2017/10/14 1:24:02
 NO.65  Hi, I was wondering if it was possible to get the Song head on a Ming body with Sui's hands? 2016/10/9
 NO.64  Is it possible to get this head on Mei's body? Thanks! 2016/9/21
 NO.63  Is this just a head or a body with the head? 2016/7/9
 NO.62  Is this a full body/head combo or is this just the head? 2016/6/14
 NO.61  Hi there, is it possible to get this head on a girl body? 2016/5/18
 NO.60  Hello, am I able to buy the head by itself? 2016/4/8
 NO.59  Hello! Sorry am I able to order just Song's head in chocolate skin? Have a good night. 2016/2/20
 NO.58  Can i order this doll with double jointed body 2016/1/3
 NO.57  I know this may be a strange question. But is it possible to get a song head on a female body? I really want a girl. He looks like a girl. So pretty. Thankyou 2015/9/20
 NO.56  Hi! I was wondering how much shipping is to Canada and if this doll comes with a set of eyes? 2015/8/17
 NO.55  Hello, Is it possible to get Song in dark grey, and also do you do layaways? Thank you. 2015/8/11
 NO.54  Hi guys! Is there a Song head that comes with normal human ears? Thanks so much for any information. <3 2015/5/14
 NO.53  Is there a body that specifically matches his head color? If so could you send me the link? Also if there isn't a body that specifically goes with the head, are there other heads that can fit on this suggested body? 2015/4/27
 NO.52  I tried to look for the answer but does the body come with the head? 2015/4/27
 NO.51  Does the body come with or do you purchase separate? 2015/4/13
 NO.50  When I order Song, where do I indicate that I want a double-jointed body and open Mei hands? 2014/8/27
 NO.49  Will Song's head fit on Tang's body? 2014/5/14
 NO.48  Hi, I'm curious how much would just the cap cost for a Song head? I've just purchased a new-to-me doll that is missing this part. Thanks! 2014/4/27
 NO.47  Hello can I buy the song head separately? Because I've already the rs boy body just need the song head. 2014/4/4
 NO.46  Hello, I was wondering if you could order Song with Yao's hooved anthro legs? C: 2014/3/11
 NO.45  so awesome!  2013/8/23
 NO.44  I know this may be a strange question. But is it possible to get a song head on a female body, and with human ears. I really want a girl. He looks like a girl. So pretty. Thankyou 2013/7/20
 NO.43  How long does shipping take if he is being shipped to Arkansas? 2013/5/29
 NO.42  #41 email Resinsoul directly you can order Songs head on the double jointed body and ask for the open Mai hands..I have several dolls that are shown on single jointed bodies that I have ordered on double jointed ones.  2013/4/24
 NO.41  please make new body for song with open hands & double joint for legs. thank you. 2013/3/10
 NO.40  Hello, whether it is possible to order Song with open palms and on a new body as to make it. Thanks in advance. 2013/1/31
 NO.39  Hello! Will this boy be made with human ears? 2012/11/29
 NO.38  can i just get the head if i order this? 2012/11/22
 NO.37  Can I get the Song head on the double jointed body? Thank you :) 2012/10/29
 NO.36  Can this doll be ordered with a double jointed body? 2012/10/21
 NO.35  Is it possible to get Song in dark grey? 2012/9/23
 NO.34  I was wondering how much would it be to ship him to the U.S? Also is that normal skin or coffee in the pic & what size is his eyes? 2012/8/8
 NO.33  how much shipping to bahrain ? 2012/7/28
 NO.32  Hello! I was wondering what size eyes Song has? 2012/7/4
 NO.31  What size eye does he look best with? 2012/6/18
 NO.30  Hi! I need to know how much is the cost of shipping to Argentina. Thanks! 2012/6/10
 NO.29  Hi, like #12 I would like to know if a Song head on a Rong body was possible, plus all in dark grey, and what the cost would be. Thank you! 2012/5/5
 NO.28  hi there! I wonder how long it takes to ship Song to Egypt? 2012/3/15
 NO.27  Hi. :3 I was wondering if he can be purchased on a double jointed body? 2012/2/12
 NO.26  Would it be possible to purchase him on a double jointed body? And can he be put on layaway? Thank you :) 2012/1/9
 NO.25  Hello. is it possible to request a different/custom make up for this doll? I want to buy him in a different kind of make up. Thank you. 2012/1/6
 NO.24  why he has such small hands? 2011/10/4
 NO.23  Can I purchase only Song head? 2011/8/24
 NO.22  is he double-jointed? 2011/4/15
 NO.21  is there any way i could get the song on the double jointed body 2011/2/13
 NO.20  Can I order Song with the new double jointed body? 2011/1/4
 NO.19  Is there any way to get him on the double jointed body, with rongs hands? 2011/1/2
 NO.18  this has probably been asked before, but is he available on the double-jointed body? 2010/12/13
 NO.17  请问国内客户可以直接在网上定娃么?邮费多少?换双关节用不用加钱? 2010/12/7
 NO.16  Hello, are you planning to make a human version of the Song boy??? Thanks. :3 2010/12/3
 NO.15  Is it possible to buy Song with the new double jointed boy body? :) 2010/12/1
 NO.14  Do all the 44cm boys use the double jointed body now? 2010/11/20
 NO.13  is it possible to buy Song with the new double jointed boy body? 2010/11/14
 NO.12  Hi, it is possible to have Song's head on the Rong's double joint giral body?? Thank you very much. 2010/10/29
 NO.11  Hello ! How about shipping to Russia, Saint-Petersburg city ? What complete set ? (like on a picture ?) (Eyes, clothes, a wig ?) What type of wig is compatible ? Thanks. 2010/9/7
 NO.10  Good Morning, is it possible to have Song's head on Mei or Rong's body please Thank you :-) 2010/9/6
 NO.9  Do you have tan.....I would love him in tan? 2010/3/18
 NO.8  hello. What is the size of the eyes for SONG? 16 or 14 mm?Thnak you :) 2010/2/11
 NO.7  JUN's hand is open, and they can be universal.  2009/11/10
 NO.6  I recently recieved my Grey Skin Song ordered via Ningyotan BJS Australia and he is gorgeous! I love the grey skin colour. I am just curious as to whether there are plans to release open hands / a 1/4 boy with an open hand? 2009/11/10
 NO.5  This doll was one of my best purchases ever! the sculpt is wonderful, he poses really well, and the faceup is really well done! 2009/10/1
 NO.4  Are you planning to produce double-jointed bodies for your msds too? 2009/9/27
 NO.3  This boy is with me now, and he is so cute!! :) His sculpt is great and he poses very well!! Thank you, ResinSoul! :) And I've got a question: do you plan to make 60cm. boys? I'm especially interested in boys with human heads. 2009/6/13
 NO.2  褋泻芯谢褜泻芯 斜褍写械褌 褋褌芯懈褌褜 锌械褉械褋褘谢泻邪 胁 袪芯褋褋懈褞? =) 2009/3/29
 NO.1  in this picture is he normal or coffee? 2009/1/26
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